Blogmas 23: Let's look beyond

23 December 2015


How often have you looked up into the sky? How many times have you counted the stars? How many times have you stared up, in the silence, and wondered what life lies beyond...

I am fascinated with the sky... And the Earth. We take the Earth for granted each and every day, we exploit it's natural resources and run as soon as it fights back.

I adore the night sky. I love the peace behind it on cold nights. When there is nobody around you and you can look up. The longer you stare, the more stars you can see. You can begin to make out constellations, even if you don't know their names.

I have cried twice this year because of the sky. Once was coming back from Amsterdam on the ferry, in the middle of the North Sea with no light pollution I was surrounded by space. The second was on my flight back from Singapore. I was sitting in the window seat, I looked out while flying over India and I saw a shooting star.

It's a magical experience.

I used to walk home from work, where I would finish at 11pm or later. Everybody thought I was weird for it because I lived a 30 minute walk up hill from the work place and refused lifts. I just liked to be alone, with my music and looking at the moon and stars. It's relaxing.

I find Prof. Brian Cox's television shows (ie Stargazing live) interesting. He explains things in a way I understand and it lets me fall in love more and more.

I was at a sleepover once, we were sleeping in a tent in my friends back garden. I brought a telescope with me so that I could stare at the moon in greater detail while my friends drank, and I watched the Intl Space Station fly by over head.

I feel like the natural beauty of night gets lost amongst us. We go home and draw the blinds. We take the car instead of a walk. We rush here and we rush there and never take the time to lift our heads and clear our problems momentarily.

I invite you to go outside, whenever suits you. Put on your comfiest jumper, trousers and boots. Slip on some gloves and wrap up in a coat and scarf. Step outside and look up.

Look at the moon and stare into the dark sky, watch as you can see more and more stars while your eyes adjust to the dark. Let all of your worries fly away as you ponder what life is like out there.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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