Blogmas 18: Meeting My Cousin

18 December 2015


Here we have me and my cousin a week ago. Pretty ordinary, right? NOPE. Read about how we met, because it was a bit crazy!

This is my perspective. Be sure to check out Courteney's version on her blog

Sunday 6 December 2015. #GirlGang was created a week ago. I was on snapchat talking to hannah, and I posted a selfie onto twitter. Normal evening (Oooh look at me trying to create suspense!) so far. I was also having a conversation on Facebook with my Baguettes.

Then I got a DM.

I thought nothing of it. I'm around a lot of places, and I'm trying hard to talk to more people in order to (hopefully) get rid of my anxiety. I was telling hannah and Baguettes about everything that was going on.

But then things got a bit weirder when she knew what my second name was.

All that was going through my head was "Right... this person knows me... How does this person know me... Bit weird, bit weird, bit weird."

(I've hidden my school name)


She's my cousin!

My dad married in 2013 to this woman called Lorraine, she has a daughter (older then me) and a son (younger than both me and my brother).

I attended their wedding with my (then) boyfriend, but only stuck to talking to him and my brother. I hadn't talked to anyone else because the amount of people I didn't know meant my anxiety was really high.

I told my friends about this as soon as it happened with a huge "W T F" message. Classy, I know but I was in so much shock!

We talked for a bit, sent a tweet to Jemma (@dorkfaceblog) and we just kind of clicked straight away.

A few days later we were talking again through normal tweets where I suggested meeting for a Costa and a catch up. We both agreed on a day and exchanged numbers over DM.

The meeting.

I texted Courteney on the Friday as I boarded the train after college, just to let her know I'd be about half an hour. I'd got to leave class earlier than I had expected and wanted to give her a heads up.

It turned out that even though we're not blood relatives, procrastination and poor timekeeping must somehow run in our family as she was distracting herself all morning (Twitter) and wasn't ready. I was wandering around in circles in town, trying to keep myself busy while I waited. She was waiting for a bus. The bus didn't stop for her, and so rather than wait even longer, I advised she get a train (knowing that she probably lived somehow near to the train station)

So.. she did. I walked to one of the train stations in town to meet her.

Afterwards, we walked to Costa, the new one. It was packed, so we went to the one in the town centre instead. I ordered a Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate (this winter's addiction) and she ordered a White Hot Chocolate in Small because she'd heard a lot about it, and how good it was.

There was a muddle up and the barista accidentally made a medium instead, but gave it to her for the same price (result.)

We sat down, took a picture of our drinks (#BloggerProblems) and chatted for over an hour about blogging, our family, how crazy this was... 

Eventually, we decided to walk about some shops. I took her to see Metal Panda and the other Independent shops in town that she had no idea existed! Then, walked around the town centre, went into another shopping centre, bought some sweets, took a selfie (we knew that Jemma would want to see the reunion!), then sat down again and talked (as well as replying to folks on Twitter in reaction to us.)

We walked to the bus stop after all this, and said bye. Then I walked to the car park to meet my mum.

It was all a bit crazy and I'm still a little bit shocked that this happened!

We're still poking fun at the situation because it's too funny not to!

It turns out, this was technically the third time we'd met, but the first time we'd spoken.
First was my dad's wedding and the second was when I bumped into my step mum and step sister (Courteney was there too!) in town while buying birthday presents for Nicola!

You never know what lies ahead, and sometimes crazy things like this happen. Imagine if #GirlGang hadn't been created though... We'd both just be bloggers, never talking on twitter, never knowing of each other's existence. Now we can be a support to each other, keeping one another motivated about creating posts!

Anyway, that's the craziest thing that's happened to me. Remember to head on over to to read about her perspective of all this!

What's the craziest thing that's happened to you?

Until next time, be excellent to each other

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