Space Smells? | Barrhead Travel

05 April 2017


Last month, on March 2nd 2017, I was given the honour of being invited along to a press event for astronaut, Brian Duffy, the 268th person to go into space, who was visiting Glasgow. Brian Duffy is part of the Kennedy Space Center and talks to schools, with a aim of inticing the next generation of scientists and astronauts. This event was hosted by Barrhead Travel.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get this post up, I've been struggling a lot with uni, but here we are!

The event was being hosted at the St Vincent street branch in Glasgow City Centre, and oh my god. I told my friend Morag that if I hadn't have been walking there with her, I probably would have walked right past the store - because it's not the red and blue branding that I expected. Instead, the shop had a more luxury feel to it, with the store front being in black and gold, and inside there were canopies set up with the travel advisors sitting inside. To get to the travel advisors, customers have to walk over a little bridge that goes over a "river" in the middle of the shop. It was all really cool, and I appreciated the little attentions to detail.