My Best Friend: Honey

26 August 2017


I'd talked about writing a post about this about a month ago on twitter (if you don't follow me, then you probably should do. #ShamelessSelfPromo) anyway. I have a teddy, her name is Honey. She is very, very old and to many people, she's probably just another tattered little toy that should probably have been thrown out a long time ago BUT THOSE PEOPLE ARE WRONG. Honey is probably one of my best friends. And let me tell you why that is.

Let's Talk: What's Been On My Mind

22 August 2017


I've decided to have another semi-serious post today because y'know, I'm super srs lyk dat, yo.

I've had a lot on my mind recently, so I hope you're okay with me just typing some things out for you.

High School & Depression (CW)

19 August 2017


Today's post is a serious one. It's not that I'm tired of writing positivity posts, it's just that sometimes... I need to be serious. And this probably isn't going to be a fun one to write.

Most of you probably know that I've dealt with anxiety and depression in my life, because it's not something that I'm silent about, and in fact, I'd consider myself to be an advocate for speaking up about the stigma attached to mental health issues. Normally, these posts centre around my anxiety, but this time, I think it's important to talk a little about my high school depression.

A Day Out In New Lanark Heritage Site

15 August 2017


Last week, my grandad and I took a trip to New Lanark to visit the mills. I'd never been there before, but the information he was given about the area seemed to be really interesting, and I was really looking forward to tagging along. (Plus, you know, it's really good for my blog. Let's not sugar coat this.) New Lanark holds a 4 star Visitor Attraction rating, and also a Gold for the Visit Scotland Green Tourism Award.

What Does "Be Excellent To Each Other" Mean To Me?

12 August 2017


I use this phrase a lot. I talk about using this phrase a lot. We all know I use this phrase a lot. But what does it actually mean to me? Of course, the most obvious answer is that it's just a reference to Bill and Ted, but does it go deeper than that?

I'm Going Vegetarian

08 August 2017

Or, trying to, at least. Maybe somewhere in between vegan and vegetarian? I don't know. Anyway.


So yeah. Big lifestyle change coming right up. You're expecting me to give you a lecture now on animal cruelty or about the meat industry and honestly, no. And it's a bit of a prejudiced view to have that that's how these kinda posts go, but I'm guilty of it, too. This has been in the works for a really, really long time. Longer than probably my closest friends probably realise.

Why I Love... Saph

05 August 2017


And, surprise! I've decided to start a new kinda series on my blog, it probably won't be a regular series, but it's a way for me to spread a little bit of positivity, make somebody smile and also give back a little for things I recieve. Money doesn't make the world go round, but a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

I decided to start this off with my lovely blogger bae, Saph, aka Simply Saph. So,without further ado, here is why I love Saph.

Snowboarding with Snow Factor

01 August 2017


Wait, this is Tuesday, why isn't Gail writing a travel post?

About that. I feel as though I've been really trying to push myself to come up with travel posts, and while I got a few, it's too much work trying to think of new things to write about. Also while looking at the views the travel Tuesday posts were getting, coupled with my motivation for writing them it seems to be the best decision for myself and for my blog to just write about whatever twice a week, probably more positivity and lifestyle, and then get travel posts written when I have the opportunity to go travelling. I hope that's okay with you.