Where the catwalk got it's claws.

21 June 2015

Next post will be my exciting thing.


So a week ago, after my friend racheal and I had the 'just see what happens day', I took a train through to a nearby city and went to meet my super lovely friend, Nicole!

Nicole and I became friends online, much like myself and hannah. We became mutuals on Tumblr, but didn't meet for maybe around a year, when she moved nearby to where I live. (which was super awesome!)

Fun in the sun!

16 June 2015

You still have a couple of posts to wait until I talk about my super exciting thing ;)

So about a week ago, I was able to hang out with one of my best friends: Racheal!
You've met her in a previous post: Cheeky Wee Nandos, but this time she'd come back to our lovely home town and is spending the summer here! It's all very exciting.

We're both quite poor students, and other than maybe shopping or going into the gym, there isn't much to do for non-tourists, so we ended up taking a walk around our local area and deciding to 'just see what happens!'.

Creating the right Mood

13 June 2015


There are lots of exciting things happening just now that I'll talk about in blog posts coming very, very soon! For now, quickly head over to my youtube channel thanks!
Okay lovelies! It's that time again!

Her velvet vase MAY mood box!!!