Fun in the sun!

16 June 2015

You still have a couple of posts to wait until I talk about my super exciting thing ;)

So about a week ago, I was able to hang out with one of my best friends: Racheal!
You've met her in a previous post: Cheeky Wee Nandos, but this time she'd come back to our lovely home town and is spending the summer here! It's all very exciting.

We're both quite poor students, and other than maybe shopping or going into the gym, there isn't much to do for non-tourists, so we ended up taking a walk around our local area and deciding to 'just see what happens!'.

It was all very fun.

Here's Racheal: 

Our first stop on this wander was to this park near to where we both stay, and somewhere we would occasionally visit as teenagers (I really liked the spinning diamond thing). We both brought out our cameras, I brought out my bubbles and we just had fun for about 15 minutes.

Eventually we got bored, so we decided that a trip to the co-op was in order.

It took about 10-20 minutes to walk to the co-op, because I made us walk a longer way and also my feet were really badly cut in the shoes I had on, and was walking literally slower than a snail would ... Travel? Idk. I was walking pretty slow. (Sorry Racheal!)

But then... We got to this restaurant, and we both talked about how we had never even sat foot inside it. I was also pretty hungry, and so we went inside and had some food.

It was really nice inside??

It was so cool, the music was great, the food was cheap and it was just so,... Great.

I ordered my usual drink, Irn Bru. But like it's gotten so bad. I used to drink mostly cola, and every now and then, especially around my English friends, I'd drink Irn Bru (because Scotland) but now, since I started working in a chip shop, I've been drinking a constant stream of Irn Bru, I swear to God my insides must be orange!

Anyway, with food, I ordered a steak pie with chips and veg, and Racheal had mac and cheese.

The food arrived really quickly! The service was excellent, and the food itself was really nice, i was so full up I couldn't finish it all!

We eventually left and went into the coop. Racheal got a drink and I got pineapple chunks. I then wandered into my work to buy some plastic cutlery and we wandered to another bit of grassland.

It was so much fun! We took loads of photos and videos, we had a picnic (kind of) and ran around blowing bubbles!

At one point, Racheal accidently spilled the bubble liquid stuff onto her hand, AND SHE STARTED TO BLOW BUBBLES WITH HER HAND?!!

I though this was the most amazing thing in the world so I wanted to have a shot, too!

I wasn't quite as good...

After a good... 30 minutes? 1 hour? Longer? I'm not even sure! We started to wander back to hers.

We didn't do too much. Mostly talking and snapchat really. Then I made my way home. It was fun, and only goes to show that sometimes the best days are the ones you don't really plan.

Have you ever had a spontaneous outing like hours? If so, would you agree with me?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

I used some clips and along with music from 'Cahoots', I made a video of this day for YouTube!

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