Megabus Gold (Belated) Review

30 November 2016

So. This is a post that I've had planned for a while. It was meant to go live in February, but I'd lost my SD card with all my pictures on it... Then I found it again a few while ago so I thought to myself 'ya know what? I'll just write the post now!'... Promptly forgotten about again for a few months. I SWEAR THE NEXT POST I UPLOAD WILL BE A NEW ONE.

This hasn't been sponsored at all, I just thought that it would be something nice to add to my aspiring little travel blog. Ready? Let's go!

Behind the scenes at Kkochsongi's!

23 November 2016


So ... A few months ago I spent a weekend with my best blogger bae - Jasmine! I got to meet her, her fiance Stuart and they're adorable little girl, Rinoa (who at the time I visited was one month old!)
This has taken me a while to post, mostly because I didn't take much pictures or take many notes on what happened. I was being a good blogger for my first two days where I updated as the day was over, but then I just got hit with so much life change! So I apologise for that.

My Trip To Ayr

16 November 2016

My mental health has recently taken a dip. It's all a mix of uni, social life and work and its finally gotten to a point where, you know, enough is enough. So, I booked myself a wee hotel in Ayr.