Megabus Gold (Belated) Review

30 November 2016

So. This is a post that I've had planned for a while. It was meant to go live in February, but I'd lost my SD card with all my pictures on it... Then I found it again a few while ago so I thought to myself 'ya know what? I'll just write the post now!'... Promptly forgotten about again for a few months. I SWEAR THE NEXT POST I UPLOAD WILL BE A NEW ONE.

This hasn't been sponsored at all, I just thought that it would be something nice to add to my aspiring little travel blog. Ready? Let's go!

I'm sure you know what Megabus is by now, it is a low budget coach operator that operate in the UK, USA and Europe, where you can travel places for as little as £1 (plus like 50p booking fee) depending on how early you book. I travel by coach quite a lot when I have to travel places, because it gets me from A-B without changing so much (which I sometimes have to do on trains, depending on where I'm going) and it's a lot cheaper. So this is always my best option. On this particular return journey, I was travelling between Glasgow and Aberdeen.

When I arrived at my stance, I was pretty nervous, because there was so many people, but I managed to get on and found a nice seat at the top deck, in a nice, clean booth. The staff who were running this service were all really friendly, which I found helpful in my nervous little state.

The booth was spacious. There was a plug socket, leather seats and a table that was large enough for everyone's needs (read, not like the tables on trains, just slightly bigger) with a little cup holder. The colour scheme of the coach was burgundy, and had sort of wood-like effects. It was really nice.

Soon, it was time to depart. We left Buchanan bus station, and the coach driver made an announcement to thank us all for choosing Megabus, "for those who have not travelled on Megabus Gold before..." and explained about the catering services and emergency exits etc. The announcements were good and clear, and we were given an apology for the broken down boiler, which meant there were no hot drinks available.

Not long after, and it was time for the catering. The coach was a double decker, which means that there isn't as much people as there would be on a regular coach, and you get a wee bit extra room - okay, a lot. I had so much room on this coach I didn't actually know what to do with it all!

After a short period of time, the catering began. It was a woman, and rather than having a trolley (because hello, double decker!) she had a little basket, and inside were a selection of Scottish treats - scone with jam/butter and irn bru! (Or water if you didn't want irn bru.)

The tourism nerd in me smiled at this, because I understand that the catering chosen can say a lot about a company - and this was obviously selected from companies based in Scotland. So, now I have an idea that Megabus support local business, which gives then a nice couple of brownie points!

When we got to Perth, we drove past the highland springs factory. This isn't note worthy
, I'd just never seen it before. Being near a main road link makes a lot of sense though.

We als
o changed some staff at this location. I additionally noted the use of signage within the car park. I pick up on the little things. Meaningless or not, you might one day find it useful!

Towards Dundee, we
were given another few catering options, this time I had some shortbread, which I kept until I'd arrived in Aberdeen, which I did an hour or too later.

My e
xperience with Megabus gold was a good and relaxing one. I really did relax on it, which I don't normally on a regular Megabus! If I had the money I'd definitely travel with them again.

On my return journey, there was a problem with the coach I was supposed to have, and we were badly delayed. So staff member came around and divided the pass
engers based on which destination we were going to and added us to different buses. Because I was travelling back to Glasgow, I was upgraded onto a Megabus Gold for my return, free of charge. On the catering on this coach, I had some tablet, and also a bottle of water I'd gotten onto the coach with. I just had to note down this excellent customer service - though, an improvement would have been for all passengers to have been told as soon as possible that there was an issue with the original coach!

I wish I'd taken more notes down, I'm glad I had the few that I did in order to get a post that's slightly lengthy. It would have been nice to go into more detail though...
Perhaps I'll just have to travel again with Megabus Gold and write an updated review!

That's all I've got for you.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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