Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre

18 August 2019


Long time no see! I've had a lot going on and I haven't had the time to blog much recently, but I'm hoping to turn that back around! I will have a wee catch up post at some point in the near future, but first I wanted to tell you about a trip I went on a few months ago with my mum. (slightly picture heavy)

It Never Left.

26 September 2018


A few years ago, I wrote a blog post titled "Two Weeks Anxiety Free", and another, more recently called "A Talk About Anxiety", and both of those posts were basically me talking about how I managed to finally beat my anxiety, and praising myself and talking about how adopting a positive mental attitude helped me. How changing my mind from 'what ifs' to 'just do its' drastically improved my fears and stuff like that. Which is all true. I still think positively, if I think 'if i do this', I will immediately shake my head and correct myself with 'when I do this'. I'm doing everything right. I've fought against anxiety for most of my life.

Matched | Series Review

14 September 2018


So, while I'm not a book blogger, I did write a quick review about the Noughts and Crosses series a few years ago. I struggle to concentrate on reading books, and it's something that I've been really upset about, because I can't join in with people when they talk about the books that they've read and enjoyed. Until a month ago, when I downloaded Audible. (Not Sponsored). I listened to Eve of Man, first, which I really enjoyed and I'm now desperate for the sequel to come out! But after that... I wasn't sure. Until I saw somebody (I'm sorry, I can't remember who), tweet about the Matched series by Ally Condie.

Struggling To Land A Job In Your Chosen Field? Here's What To Do!*

06 September 2018


The following post is a guest post from Scotland Jobs, a part of the CV-Library group. CV-Library are the UK's leading independent job's board. The topic for this post has been chosen by myself because it's a topic that I'm, personally, really struggling with, and I thought it might be something that some of you might find beneficial as well. As I'm sure you read from my last post, I'm currently on a job search and I needed some guidance on how to get where I want to be, or to even just find where I want to be in the first place! So, I hope you enjoy this post, be sure to check CV-Library out, and have a look at their career advice and recruitment insight pages if you need any more expert, or workplace advice. I'll see you next time! Be excellent to each other.

My Worst 24 Hours

31 August 2018


To start with, I'm not going to name the company who are at fault, mostly because at the point of writing this blog post, I'm still dealing with them and due a full refund. But I will say that when I booked with them, it was through a website offering the best deal, and they begin and end with an A. It's also not a common website, because I hadn't heard of it before that time. But upon further research (which I should have done before booking) they have a lot of bad reviews for fucking people over. I took a risk, and it wasn't worth it.