I Went For A Walk

23 February 2016


I went for a walk.

Wow, big deal. Four for you, Gail. You go, Gail! Yeah, I know. It was kinda a nice walk though. 

Basically I had been up for about 6 hours when the boiler fixers appeared (sidenote: we have hot water again -  YAAAS!) and once they left at 2pm I decided that I'd go for a walk. The sun was shining, but it was still pretty cold! I wore my 'Yoda one for me' tshirt, a pair of jeans and my light jacket and locked up the door.

Letter To My Ex

18 February 2016


Okay. So this post is a really hard one for me to write. Not so much for the topic, I have talked about this topic to a few people with ease, but the idea of putting it out into the world in the form of a blog post that people will read - and some people, such as my mum, might read kinda scares me. I don't want my mum to read this post because it might make her upset to read and I really don't wanna make her upset.

I'm also scared that the person involved may find it, and for that reason I'm changing his name to John* and I wanna add this disclaimer: these events happened from my POV. These are my thoughts and feelings. These are things I never brought up to him because I felt like I couldn't. I don't believe he's a bad guy. I don't believe he realised how what he was doing impacted on me or that what he was doing was a bit not okay. And I don't hate him.

* = names have been changed.

Okay! Let's dive right into this thing then!

The Lush Tag

09 February 2016

I was tagged by Chris over at His Lifestyle Blog to write some answers to the Lush tag. I don't want to end up forgetting to do it so let's get right in there!

10 Things I've Noticed About Train Journeys

05 February 2016


I feel like most of us have been on a train at least once. They're quite a big part in daily life. At least in the UK. I commute by train on an almost daily basis and I've noticed some things while I sit silently on my 30 min, one way journey...

Mini Paperchase Haul Solo

02 February 2016


So recently, I took a trip into Glasgow (um... like I always do...) and decided to take a little trip into Paperchase. I love Paperchase! Thank you for showing me it like two years ago, Racheal!

Now, I do love stationary. Maybe not as much as others, but I often struggle to afford to buy cute notepads. I like to have nice designs on the things I choose to write my college notes in, and I adore going to Paperchase just because the designs are always adorable!

I also quite like to have a different design on every notepad I own, I mean, it helps to distinguish what notepad goes with which subject, right?

Anyway, lets get on with my mini haul!