Turning 21 and Holley Tea Time!

31 May 2015


Until my lovely friend hannah reminded me, I had totally forgotten to tell you all about my 21st birthday!

But that's okay because that's exactly what I'm going to do today! Sort of...

I want to talk a bit about the lovely Holley Tea Time!

cheeky wee nandos.

26 May 2015


A couple of weeks ago, I travelled up north of Scotland to visit my lovely friend racheal. We marathoned the three "night at the museum" movies, ate a bunch of junk and pizza, and shopped. 
although it was only a few days, it was still really great, and it was time away that I was in desperate need of.

We also went to Nandos, and it was my first time there. I've had it planned for a while now to write this post, but in light of the 'cheeky nandos' meme becoming a massive thing, I feel now is the right time (before the meme declines).

The menu was really cute,  and the music in the store was really upbeat and welcoming -- just like the staff. The waitress, who was the first person we met, also took the time to explain how to order which i really appreciated.

Sensing the Mood

21 May 2015

Wow, okay, so it's been two posts since I talked about this last, and I'm sure you're wondering what happened for my April HVV Mood Box so let's jump right in!

I picked no options for any of the sections.
The girls at HVV had complete freedom over what outfit to choose.

NB. If you were the hvv girl putting together my outfit, please tell me in the comments, or my IG or twitter how you found it :)? Was it easier because there was no restrictions, or did it make it a lot more difficult in case I didn't like it? IG is @SherbetAurora and Twitter is @SherbetAurora.

My parcel was posted on April 24
My customs letter arrived May 5
Parcel arrived on May 6

Thank you Parcelforce! This was a super efficient delivery! Delivered around 10.10am, on the date it was supposed to and undamaged, I am a super happy Gail!

Okay so ... Clothes.


15 May 2015


Last week, I decided to go and visit my granda, because I study in the centre of Glasgow and my granda lives just outside Glasgow. Also, it was his 72nd birthday!

So I boarded the train at glasgow central station - it was so busy and so slow! I'm pretty sure I nearly fell asleep on it, how do you all cope!? Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked.

So when I arrived, we had a naan bread pizza, and I showed him videos of budgies on YouTube, which I think he really liked, and then he decided to show me this new art project he's started.

Ed's Easy Diner

01 May 2015

Okay so for like ages I was desperate to go into this diner because it looked really inviting and interesting. I know there are several located around the uk, but this particular one is in Glasgow, located in the food court at St Enoch's center.
I've been three times now and thought 'hey, maybe I should write a blog post about this place!' So....