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21 May 2015

Wow, okay, so it's been two posts since I talked about this last, and I'm sure you're wondering what happened for my April HVV Mood Box so let's jump right in!

I picked no options for any of the sections.
The girls at HVV had complete freedom over what outfit to choose.

NB. If you were the hvv girl putting together my outfit, please tell me in the comments, or my IG or twitter how you found it :)? Was it easier because there was no restrictions, or did it make it a lot more difficult in case I didn't like it? IG is @SherbetAurora and Twitter is @SherbetAurora.

My parcel was posted on April 24
My customs letter arrived May 5
Parcel arrived on May 6

Thank you Parcelforce! This was a super efficient delivery! Delivered around 10.10am, on the date it was supposed to and undamaged, I am a super happy Gail!

Okay so ... Clothes.

I truely, truely love the ribbons that you get, honestly! They're such a beautiful touch!

And I also want to bring to your attention the HVV print on the paper.

Okay, clothes! Clothes, Gail! Focus! Oh my god!

First off, I love the bag. It's cute and small and it has a fluffy pom pom which, not gonna lie, is my favourite part. The downside perhaps is that its not really effective for college, its rather small but hey, ho, I just got an additional bag. This will be perfect for nights out!

Next, the necklace. The necklace was really cute, and very adjustable meaning I can happily wear it when my microdermal chest piercings are on show!

My extras, below were great. I really love Nivea and so getting the deodorant was perfect (I was starting to run out!)
However, I'm still not in Singapore, so I can't use the pass! Which is a huge shame. Damn you, Scotland!!!

The top was quite a funny story, I had no idea how to show it off!
What I decided about it was that I'd probably need another top underneath to be comfortable with it, because the thinnest part is at my cleavage area... Not so great.

You already got a sneak peak into my bottoms up there^
At first glance, it's a skirt. Only when I put them on did I realise THEY'RE SHORTS.  skort?
i love them.

now, show time!

All picture above are the full outfit on show. Such a model I am, aren't i? Wow...
As usual, Forever 21 changing rooms, this will probably be the norm until I get my room the way I want it to look.

OH, ON THAT SUBJECT. I have a new camera! A canon dslr! So future posts are most likely going to feature pictures from there rather than my phone, isn't that exciting?!?!

Although, my phone has a pretty good camera, that's pretty much the only good thing about it... Ahem

"girl, you got style"
- gwen stefani, harajuku girls.

Showing off the necklace featuring another pose because look at my shoulders, wow. So thin!

It's worth noting at this point that I didn't end up wearing anything under the top on the day I took these pictures, and as a result, I wore a strapless black bra and felt totally self conscious the whole of the day. Probably didn't help that the bra was itchy but you probably don't need that information. 

And that's the whole outfit I wore on the day.

Overall, I really love the outfit, but the top... Maybe again in that style, but not in the way that it'll be thinnest at my chest area. That don't fly with me.

The shorts/skorts are so pretty I want to wear them more, the necklace is comfy and the bag is great!

8/10 over all!

I have a sad announcement to make though...
The shoes I usually wear in these posts... And am wearing in this one... 

Are dead.

They have a split from the side of the right side and going right down into the bottom of the shoe. I'd have taken them to a cobbler but honestly, I think they're un-mendable.

Bye bye shoes...

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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