Toulouse | Gail's Interrail Adventure

27 February 2018


I still can't believe France is over. It was so incredible, if tiring, getting to see the places that I saw, and meet the people that I met. It was an amazing experience and something that I'll never forget, I hope it doesn't take too long for me to return.

This post is the first proper post in my Gail's Interrail Experience series and it's all about Toulouse!

My Couchsurfing Experience

24 February 2018


So, I've recently returned from France. I was doing so well at keeping my blog up to date, posting on every day of my schedule up until Saturday just passed, and you know what? I'm proud of that. But, it was nice to spend the day with Saph instead of last minute panicking about getting a blog post written. I've been really tired after all my travelling but I wanted to get this written before my (already pre-typed) posts go live about about the cities that I ventured to.

My Little Red Dress

13 February 2018


I have this red dress - that I love, and I've only worn it 3 times. I've had the dress since September (ish) 2015. The times I've worn it? Hogmanay last year, my manager's wedding, and the 27th January this year. That's it. For a dress that I love that's insane. But I do really adore this dress, and if I could, then I'd wear it every day. But it's winter time right now, and I'd get really cold if I wore it all the time.

A Little Talk About Pizza Hut

10 February 2018


As I'm sure you all know, I am vegetarian, and the lovely Morag is vegan. I'm sure you're also very aware of my love of pizza, so imagine my delight when Morag invited me along to Pizza Hut with her to try the new Vegan cheese, as she was gifted vouchers! (This is not a sponsored post, these vouchers were gifted to Morag and she simply invited me along with her. All opinions are my own and are not biased.)

Vapiano Glasgow | Restaurant Review

06 February 2018


The bagettes and I (minus Jack) finally reunited recently for a few hours in Glasgow. We rarely see each other any more because of work commitments and life in general getting in the way, which is really sad. Racheal finished work a bit later in the day, so Robin and I spent a few hours wandering around Glasgow (I may have hugged a few Stitch teddies in the Disney store) before we were joined by her. We all decided that we were quite hungry, so it was time for food. What's better than catching up over food?!

A Talk About Anxiety

03 February 2018


I haven't planned much of how this post will go, but I thought it might be an important one to write about.

I haven't written anything about my anxiety in a really long time. In fact, I think my High School & Depression post was the last one I really wrote on the topic of mental health, and that was all the way back in August! I feel I owe you a little update considering the amount of insane things I've done since then.