My Little Red Dress

13 February 2018


I have this red dress - that I love, and I've only worn it 3 times. I've had the dress since September (ish) 2015. The times I've worn it? Hogmanay last year, my manager's wedding, and the 27th January this year. That's it. For a dress that I love that's insane. But I do really adore this dress, and if I could, then I'd wear it every day. But it's winter time right now, and I'd get really cold if I wore it all the time.

I bought the dress at New Look in Silverburn, while the Silverburn student night was going on. I saw it, I was unsure, I tried it on, and I fell in love. It's the only dress I've ever owned that not only compliments my skin type, but it also flatters my body. It pinches in a little at my waist, and it has a slit in the cleavage which doesn't show off too much, but it's just enough that it can make the dress appropriate for either a formal or informal occassion. Hell, I could probably wear it as a summer dress! It's so versitile!

When I wear this dress, I feel amazing. I wear it with a red lipstick and winged eyeliner, and my confidence levels just skyrocket. Not to toot my own horn, but I feel hot. Okay, I said it. I love how the dress makes me look and how it makes me feel. It's like a magical dress. A magical dress from New Look that I got a discount on. It was a partnership that was created in the stars.

I've actually had one of my friends turn to me and say 'Gail, that dress was made for you.'

That same friend was telling me that I should take the dress with me to France, so make sure to follow me on Instagram because I'm planning to wear it tomorrow for Valentines Day! Maybe I'll meet a nice French guy?

Do you have a dress, or an outfit in general, that makes you feel /amazing/?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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