A Little Talk About Pizza Hut

10 February 2018


As I'm sure you all know, I am vegetarian, and the lovely Morag is vegan. I'm sure you're also very aware of my love of pizza, so imagine my delight when Morag invited me along to Pizza Hut with her to try the new Vegan cheese, as she was gifted vouchers! (This is not a sponsored post, these vouchers were gifted to Morag and she simply invited me along with her. All opinions are my own and are not biased.)

We arranged to meet after she finished her work at 5.30pm, and we were sat in a table for 6pm. We studied the menu and chose our pizzas. I had the Veggie, and Morag had the Margarita. The way that the vegan cheese works is that you choose your pizza, and then ask the server for the vegan cheese. (These is no seperate 'vegan pizza' option.) We then got ourselves our drinks and soon after, our pizzas arrived.

The pizza itself was really nice, it wasn't as big as the one I got from Vapiano (but then, I was so surprised by how big the pizza from there was!), and it's not really a surprise by how nice it was for me, because give me a pizza with pepper and other veg and I'll always be really happy. I found the cheese to be similar to the cheese available from Tesco, that I've also used for my pizzas when I was starting out as a vegetarian, and it's a cheese I find to be quite chewy. But that might be because I'm not totally used to the taste yet. (In saying that, I do love the cheese available at Pizza Punks.)

I honestly find it so great that more companies, especially big chains like Pizza Hut are now offering Vegan options and it really shows the rise in popularity of plant based lifestyles. Vegan is here to stay!

I do recommend giving it a try and seeing what you think for yourselves. Have you ever been? Have you tried other vegan pizzas?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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