"Lush Panda Explosion": A Review And GIVEAWAY

28 November 2015


Recently I hit 700 followers over on my tumblr and celebrated it by dancing...  Before realising that that is 700 individuals who decided to follow my blog!  That's insane! So... Here we are!

In this post I'm mostly going to be talking about Metal Panda, I'll be talking briefly about my recent experience in the Buchanan Street Lush store and the bottom of this page will be my GIVE AWAY with two prizes up for grabs!

Town Tours | SINGAPORE

22 November 2015

 Top, Skirt and bag which you can't see are all from my August HVV mood box!


Recently, my lovely friend Nicole and I took a flight to the beautiful city of Singapore for the weekend. We flew with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul (who I will be doing a later post on).

The Church | Chester

14 November 2015

Hello, hello!

So last week there was no blog post posted on here last week because I was flying halfway across the world to the beautiful country of SINGAPORE.  But more on that next week.  This week, I wanted to talk a little bit about a restaurant that I visited with the lovely +hxanou in Chester, called The Church.

Hannah has done a review of The Church already which you can all take a look at by clicking here ...have you done that?  Okay good.  let's get on with this then!