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14 November 2015

Hello, hello!

So last week there was no blog post posted on here last week because I was flying halfway across the world to the beautiful country of SINGAPORE.  But more on that next week.  This week, I wanted to talk a little bit about a restaurant that I visited with the lovely +hxanou in Chester, called The Church.

Hannah has done a review of The Church already which you can all take a look at by clicking here ...have you done that?  Okay good.  let's get on with this then!
We walked in, and inside the lighting was very dim, but there were candles lit on every table, there was also modern blue lights which created a nice, relaxing atmosphere.


Other than the prices of the dishes available, one of the things which drew us to this place was the fact it was not only themed, but it was a renovated Church.  I thought this was extremely awesome, as last year in my "Structure of the Travel and Tourism Industry" module, we had learned that there was an industry trend where old buildings, mostly Churches, are being renovated and given brand new life! You will have seen it happen, have you ever walked by an old building that's become a shop, or an office block?  There's an old Church near where I live that's become a builder's!

But anyway, I digress.

We walked in a little unsure of ourselves.  We weren't sure of the system.  Do we sit down, do we wait to be seated??  In the end we walked up to the bar and asked.  There, a waiter showed us to our seat (we preferred to sit upstairs at the restaurant area, because nobody was there and obviously we're socially awkward.  I mean, no we're not...  We're amazing at socialising, we're the life and soul of parties!)


As we sat down, we were asked what we wanted to drink.  This was a question we'd been gearing ourselves up to.  Hannah hadn't been drinking fizzy juice in a while, and I was off it for a month, so... I ordered a cup of tea, and she ordered smooth orange juice.  Oh yes, be proud of us.  We're grown up adults.

So that arrived and the time came to decide what we were going to have.  It was a fairly simple choice for Hannah.  She had the Hannah Special.  But for me...  I was having a personal crisis.

There was nothing on the menu that I liked to eat.

At this point, I decided I just had to brave it, and order something new.  I ordered the Chicken Fillets.

While we were waiting for food to arrive, we started to snap some photos (with permission) of the surroundings.  My personal favourite was the converted organ which had become a bar, and also the stained glass windows and the many statues and busts and the armoured knights and... Okay, I loved it all.  I was in a culinary heaven.


From where we were sat, we could see the kitchen, and the bridge over from the kitchen to our seats. (It wasn't exactly a bridge, but it pretty much was.)

Before we talk about food... I have a confession to make...  I don't like bacon.

Which made my dish the most depressing food story of all.

My first bite was a slice of bacon, which I hated.  The dish also featured mushrooms, which is another hate of mine.  But I tried to eat as much as I could, even eating things from Hannah's plate that she didn't want, and that I also wasn't very keen on.  
But let me say this.

The food was cooked thoroughly.

The food was presented beautifully.
The cost of the food was fair

Don't let my fussy eating come in between your palate and a great meal.  Even though I wasn't keen, it still satisfied me, I just know not to order that dish again given my personal tastes.  If Chicken, Bacon and Mushrooms are your kinda thing then you will love this dish!

Coming to the end of our visit now.

It was roughly after 5.30pm at this point, and the place was beginning to fill up.  We decided to head off given Hannah had to do the driving.  At rush hour.

I paid (we took paying for things in turns), and we snapped up a few more pictures before leaving the place.

So...  final thoughts.

Were the staff friendly?  YES.

Was the food nice? YES.
Was the food well cooked? YES.
Was the food fairly priced? YES.
Would I go here again? YES.
Would I recommend this place to a friend? YES. YES. YES.

Here are a few of my favourite things Hannah said without realising while sitting in The Church Restaurant which made me burst out laughing:

If you're ever in Chester, definitely check this place out.

ADDITIONALLY, there is live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Have you ever visited The Church?  What are your thoughts on the place?
Have you ever visited anywhere like this before, or are you going anytime soon?
What are your thoughts on converted buildings like this?
Leave a comment down below because I'd love to have a little read :3
Thanks for reading!
OH and before I forget, I posted a video last week to my SherbetAurora Youtube account, have a look down below any maybe subscribe to my channel?? <3

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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