WEEK 4: Kicking the habit (final instalment)

31 October 2015


So today is HaLlOWeEn and also the 31 October 2015. Which means it's been a whole month of me eating no pizza, candy or drinking any fizzy drinks!!! (I did have some carbonated lemon and lime water, but there was no caffeine and no sugar as it was sweeteners and therefore that doesn't count :P)

SO!  let's do a summary of how it's been from week 1 until now.

On day one, I had some severe levels of withdrawal symptoms.  I was shaking, I was nauseated, I felt that I was literally horizontal even when I was vertical, I couldn't concentrate... It was bad.  It was so bad.  but I stuck through it, and the rest of the week ended up a lot better.  I ate a lot more fruit, and I even had a piece of raw tomato!  Which is a huge thing for me because cooked tomatoes I love, but raw ones I find disgusting.  I also began to cut down a lot more on snacks like biscuits and crisps.

Week 2, I went to the East Midlands to pay a visit to @hxanou for the week.  Which was super amounts of fun!  I was still thinking about how bad I wanted to eat pizza (my biggest issue was pizza. I missed pizza so much.) and I found it off putting from routine where, instead of asking for Cola immediately after sitting down in a restaurant or McDonalds, I had to ask for a tea or a milkshake, which...  I enjoyed, it was just odd for me haha!  I also managed to try something new, which although I wasn't too keen on it, I ate as much of it as I could.  But then, I also started to eat a lot of biscuits and crisps. hannah's parents also asked if I wanted a pizza ordered in and I felt really bad for refusing. (We had a McDonalds though, after we went to the cinema so it was okay.)  I was also eating a lot of SFC dishes.

Week 3, I was back at college.  Week 2 I was on October break, I was getting upset because I kept getting sent discounts codes for Domino's and Pizza Hut (I've not had a proper pizza hut in years??) For lunch, I had started going to Fuel in Buchanan Galleries so I could have smoothies, or I was going into the local newsagents and opted for sandwiches! It was a good college week for my health.  At home, I was eating mostly crisps, jaffa cakes and miniature ice creams (they were adorable.)  I also discovered that my sleep was getting a lot better, and I was falling asleep a lot sooner than I used to!

Which brings us to this week.  So, what's been happening?  I was determined not to eat as much junk...  but in doing that, I started to not eat much on breaks in class and instead sat in the classroom and stuck to drinking my lemon and lime water.  I've had sparkling lemon and lime water twice this week, that I bought at the college.  My mum bought in some proper ice cream cones, so I obliterated all of those (I really am obsessed with ice cream), I have continued to eat a lot of SFC, I had one day of not getting enough sleep but the rest of my time was fine, I do still miss eating chocolate bars and sherbet and etc but I've been doing a lot of thinking whenever I see them.  "Do I want this because I'm hungry?  Do I really need this for energy or is that a lie I'm telling myself?  Are you sure you want to eat, and that you're not just bored?"  which has helped a lot to cut down on my junk food.  This week, I've hardly snacked, which I am very proud of.

Also, *if you don't like reading about female bodily functions don't read the unboldened paragraph which follows* I've realised that my periods have gotten lighter, and they don't hurt at all. I used to get severe pains on day 1 of my periods.  One time, it happened, I had to get excused from class because I was going to be sick (and was), and then once I sat down, curled in pain, I needed the school nurse to help me walk to the lift and to her office where she phoned my mum to bring me home. From my mum's arrival I then needed a wheelchair to take me from the nurses office to the car.  Other months, I'd take paracetamol as soon as the pain began and then I'd immediately throw it back up.  But this month, I didn't even realise I was on it.  Which makes you question the impact of caffeine and sugar etc on the body. *okay, you can look again I'm finished*

So...  what are my thoughts on this experiment?

Well, I'm happy that I've managed to go through the month.  I will be having pizza tomorrow night, but I know that I don't need to have Irn Bru or Cola, and that water is just as okay.  My body is a lot happier with me, and isn't putting me through as much pain as it used to in certain occassions, and my sleeping has improved drastically.  I'm more open to the idea of eating new things (unless it's hannah's raw tomatoes that she didn't want and then you put a lot of salt onto.  (WORD OF WARNING.  NEVER PUT SALT ON RAW TOMOTOES.) and that's probably it summed up.  It was an overall success!

Although I will be eating some pizza for my dinner tomorrow night, I encourage you to take up this challenge for a month.  Leave a comment down below with what 3 foods you are bad for eating and would like to see if you can go without for one month.  Let's see if you can also kick the habit.

Thanks for reading, and before I forget, last night I launched my first video on my BRAND NEW Youtube account especially for this blog!  It is called SherbetAurora, and I'd appreciate it if you could give the video a wee watch, and maybe like/subscribe too to help me out <3
Video is 1:53 minutes long.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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