Not taking a pizza this

01 October 2015


So recently, I read an article shared by Chiara that she wrote for Qmunicate magazine about how she tested the 22 days to break a habit experiment (that you can read here) and the results that she experienced with it.  It got me thinking.

So while recently I made an important life decision to help me to focus more on my college work, it is also one which opens up the possibility of falling into some bad eating habits, due to staying at home more, and we all know how we eat when we have no body else around us to stop us.

So I have decided that today, October 1 2015 I will be cutting out the following;
Fizzy drinks.


These are the biggest percentage of my food intake.

What I'm hoping will happen through doing this is my concentration will improve, making myself healthier and to make myself overall happier and more optimistic.

It won't be an easy month, but I invite you to come along and do this with me.

We can help each other.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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