WEEK TWO: kicking the habit

19 October 2015


Week two of my no candy, fizzy juice or pizza month so let's get tuck right in!

This week has been a harder one to really talk about, as a lot has happened -- and I have eaten a lot of food!

But I've stuck to my guns and I'm passed another week of not eating any of the items, but I'm not too sure the 22 days thing is really applying.  As I type this, it's 1am on day 19 and I still think a lot about how good it is going to be to eat some gummy sweets, or some bonbons and even chocolate.. Although that's not my biggest craving because I can easily have another item that's not exempt that is chocolatey.  I probably should have ruled out sweets as a whole rather than just the candy part to get the best results.  Oh well, you live and learn.

I think what I've found to be my biggest problem so far has been in fast food restaurants or in restaurants full stop.  Especially when the waiter or waitress asks you straight away what drink you want as soon as you sit down.  In McDonald's it's not been quite a big deal, because I can easily just change my Cola into a Strawberry Milkshake, but in restaurants where I don't know what drink they serve yet, I've found myself going 'umm...  tea?' instead. Because really, in Britain, who doesn't serve tea, right?!

So that has definitely been my biggest challenge this week.  I've spent the week with hannah, which has been massive amounts of fun and there will be lots of blog posts up and running in the following weeks AS WELL AS some youtube videos, oh my god?!

A few more things I've realised this week, relating to giving up pizza;
I've realised that instead of opting for the pizza option, I've started to use SFC as my next go to, which creates a new challenge in itself because I'm still a fussy eater...

However, I have started to try new things, like this:

(I'm planning on doing a review of this restaurant at a later date so watch this space!)

other than that, I've been eating a lot of biscuits and crisps this week so it's been a very unhealthy week, we can only hope I'll sort myself out next week!

Are you doing this challenge? How are you getting on?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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