We have to go back

21 October 2015

Back where??

Back to ...  you know where this is going.

It's back to the future day today!  It's the day that Marty McFly, Doc and Jennifer went back to the future -- October 21 2015.  And the world is celebrating....  Well, those who are into pop culture are.

You'll have probably already watched Back To The Future, or at the very least, you'll have heard of the franchise.  It's one of the biggest pieces of pop culture in existence, more than Bill and Ted (another most non heinous franchise that I am eagerly awaiting the 3rd instalment of) and probably on par with Doctor Who!

So what makes this film so great?

Back to the Future 2 is where they come to 2015, although many people have been speculating and photoshopping for many years that it was actually on this date, or that date. It was at one point supposedly back in April.

BTTF is just one of those films that grabs your heart.  The jokes are on point, the fashion is spectacular (clashing patterns?? it could only work in an 80s pop classic!) and the ideas are just so insane that they might just work.  Who doesn't secretly hope to be in a car going at exactly 88 MPH and go to any point in history in a flying Delorean?


Of course we're all super disappointed that there are no hoverboards like the film portrayed, and I'm craving a dehydrated pizza, so I can take tens in my bag and have nobody judging me (I love pizza, I'm missing it so bad this month :[) but we do have tablets, holograms and iPhones (as well as other Android devices) have achieved fingerprint locking technology!

Today, the media celebrated by ITV2 showing all 3 films in the UK, the Guardian and the Telegraph both having BTTF day live streams (the Guardian even has it in parts I, II and III) and several police units around the country have been sending 'hovercraft units' to investigate "reports of a suspicious vehicle causing concern in the car park"

Today, I decided to try and dress in "real" 2015 fashion, but my clothes weren't futuristic enough so, because the films are 80s classics, I decided to mix it up with an 80s twist.

Are you ready?

Top; Damien and Lilith
Skirt; Holley Tea Time

Belt; Primark
Tights; New Look

Photos taken in the Forever 21 changing rooms.  I also styled my hair a little bit to add to the futuristic/80s vibe.

So today has been a pretty great and exciting day.  Now, if you excuse me, I have to watch the movies back to back.

How did you celebrate Back To The Future day?  Leave a comment down below, or send me a tweet @SherbetAurora :):)

Also, apologies for my shoes, they're from Tesco and I decided last minute that I wanted to dress up!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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