A Lifelong Dream Came True

28 November 2017


When I was 10 years old, I had this dream. It was a really random dream, and I think it might have come from a McFly song... But, I really wanted to learn how to surf. It was ingrained into me, it was like my ultimate life goal, it was the thing I wanted the most in life, but it was also something I kept kind of on the downlow. Because I grew up in central Scotland. There's nowhere there for a 10 year old to surf without travelling a distance. Also it's really cold here. Not a good idea.

I Went Inside a Volcano | Lanzarote Highlights

25 November 2017



Last week I was in Lanzarote, and I already really miss it. It's possible that I'm already looking up costs of flights to fly back again for a few days before Christmas (may also be so that I can SURF again. THAT'S A SPOILER FOR ANOTHER POST!)

I stayed in Puerto del Carmen, and while taking a walk around with my step sister, Kirstin, I spotted an excursion called "Lanzarote Highlights", which was being offered by Low Cost Tours (not a sponsored post). If you know me quite well, or you follow me on twitter or instagram, then you'll probably be aware that I really like geology, and in particular, Volcanoes. So, when I read this leaflet and read exactly what was being offered to me, I couldn't restrain myself (I think Kirstin might have seen a Gail-shaped cloud of smoke as I ran back into the excursion office.) The trip was booked for November 16th, where I paid a 13 Euro deposit, with a remaining 46 Euros to be paid on the coach. I was excited.

Happy Birthday, Sherbet Aurora!

07 November 2017

Feel free to sing the happy birthday song...


On November 3rd 2014 I began to create my first ever blog (Tumblr doesn't count here!), inspired by my friend, hannah.

With a bright blue background, Life of Gailypi was born. It wasn't very good, and I've actually hidden a bunch of those posts because they made me feel physically repulsed, but my first post that you're able to see is called "Why I'm In A Mood" and its about my Mood Box experience from Her Velvet Vase! I like to think my photos and my writing style have evolved a lot after this post, even if I tried to go back and edit them all a few months ago.