Happy Birthday, Sherbet Aurora!

07 November 2017

Feel free to sing the happy birthday song...


On November 3rd 2014 I began to create my first ever blog (Tumblr doesn't count here!), inspired by my friend, hannah.

With a bright blue background, Life of Gailypi was born. It wasn't very good, and I've actually hidden a bunch of those posts because they made me feel physically repulsed, but my first post that you're able to see is called "Why I'm In A Mood" and its about my Mood Box experience from Her Velvet Vase! I like to think my photos and my writing style have evolved a lot after this post, even if I tried to go back and edit them all a few months ago.

It only took about a year before I changed the name from Life of Gailypi to Sherbet Aurora, but it took me days of sitting and writting out blog name ideas before I finally bit the bullet and chose it. You see, I wanted something colourful, but sweet, yet also something with a relation to the sky so that I could reflect on the fact I wanted to be a travel blog. Sherbet is a reflection on the colour aspect, because it's colourful, and one of my favourite sweets! Aurora came from the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) which is an event that happens in the sky. The fact that auroras are colourful anyway made me really excited, and that's how the name was born. Fun facts!

I've learned and experienced a lot in my last 3 years of blogging. I've written travel posts and airline reviews, inspired by the fact I was studying my travel and tourism HND. I've made a few (very bad) attempts at fashion posts, which I finally learned not to do any more (I'm not very fashionable, I'm sorry to say) and I've been to a few blogger things, like the time I went to a cocktail making class in Stirling!

But best of all, I've made incredible friends, whom I desperately hope to have in my life forever more. Saph, Jasmine, Sarah, Lucy and Morag are just a few of the people I've had the priviledge of meeting online, and Sarah is the only person I've unfortunately not had the chance to meet in person. I love the fact that I get to travel up and down the country, to spend time with amazing people that, if not for the blogging community, I'd otherwise have never met.

Furthermore (ooh, speaking fancy now, Gail!), blogging has helped a lot with my confidence and anxiety issues. I don't care much about being 'that' person taking a flatlay in a restaurant or standing in a main city and taking an angled picture of the view any more, because it's all for the 'gram, or the blog, and if it looks nice then why wouldn't I? And it's amazing to know that theres never a shortage of people to talk to whenever I'm having a down day, and I'm sure everybody else knows that I'm there to support them, too!

So, yeah. The last 3 years have been pretty bloody special.

Happy birthday, Sherbet Aurora. I hope you continue to grow.

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