Two Weeks Anxiety Free

22 April 2016


There isn't much I can really talk about in this blog today, I had a plan but it will have to wait until Tuesday. However, yesterday marks two weeks that I've been anxiety free! (Today obviously being 15 days) which is a massive achievement and I'm not quite sure how I've managed to do it... But it's something I wanted to mark on this blog, and to commemorate in case I go back into a dip!

Harley Quinnspired | Comic Book Review

19 April 2016


So.... For years I said that I wasn't going to read comics. Ever. Not because they were crap or anything, but I have the kinda personality where if I start something new, especially if its seen as 'nerdy' then I tend to get hooked on it. And I spend all my money on the thing... Yeah.. But then I was in town and I thought to myself 'okay, there's a comic book store here. I'm just gonna do it.'

Yeah. I now have maybe 20 comics. It's been just over a month. Most of them as Superman ones, but then I decided that because I've been dying to see Suicide Squad and I know that Harley Quinn is a character I'll really like (I think I'm a lot like her, which is why I've avoided her for so long) that I was going to by a Harley Comic.

Noughts & Crosses Series | Book Review

16 April 2016


I promised y'all a book review in this post and this is exactly what you're gonna get! So for this week, I have sat and read 4 books. Two of those books also featured a short story. I repeat again, it's been a week. A week. This has been the most I've read in a long time, I was staying up until nearly 4am at some points because I was so gripped to it!

Closing Statements | STW2016

12 April 2016


This post will be relatively short but I wanted to give my own closing statements to the Scottish Tourism Alliance conference.

It was an incredibly opportunity to get to go, and I can't thank Gail and my college enough for allowing me to get one of the few tickets they had. And I can't thank the attendees and speakers enough for accepting us students into see the conference, and treating us as equals. I want to thank Terri Scriven for speaking to me when I got the chance to talk to her, and essentially giving me the nudge that I should continue to go for the career that I want to do. I won't forget "you should be working for this lot, telling them what to do!" when I talked about my blogging and vlogging experience.

Yo! It's An Audience With Simon Woodroffe | Motivation

08 April 2016


So, if you've been following me recently you'll know that I have been really struggling with my MH recently. But I know my triggers, I know the signs and I know how to get the help I need when I need it, so don't worry about me. And right now I am okay, I had a great day out with my baguettes yesterday and a few days ago I walked almost 10 miles for no particular reason.

At the Scottish Tourism Alliance conference, the final speaker was Simon Woodroffe - the founder of Yo! Company. Tbh, I expected a lot of talk about what makes Yo! Sushi so great... But what I got was something far greater, and something I really wanted to share with you guys, regardless of how I got through these posts. Turns out, that aside from owning Yo! Sushi, Yotel and Yo! Homes, he is also a motivational speaker. And that is exactly what I have been needing.

Flying Into The Future | easyJet

05 April 2016


Again. Yes, I know I got bad at posting again. Let's just put it down to lots of stress in my life and having to prioritise, it's hard! Haha, but I have two more posts from the Scottish Tourism Alliance to get written up, and then I have my reflections on the experience so all in all this will all be over next week and I'll go back to more fun travelly and lifestyle posts!