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19 April 2016


So.... For years I said that I wasn't going to read comics. Ever. Not because they were crap or anything, but I have the kinda personality where if I start something new, especially if its seen as 'nerdy' then I tend to get hooked on it. And I spend all my money on the thing... Yeah.. But then I was in town and I thought to myself 'okay, there's a comic book store here. I'm just gonna do it.'

Yeah. I now have maybe 20 comics. It's been just over a month. Most of them as Superman ones, but then I decided that because I've been dying to see Suicide Squad and I know that Harley Quinn is a character I'll really like (I think I'm a lot like her, which is why I've avoided her for so long) that I was going to by a Harley Comic.

Harley Quinn and her gang of Harleys

This was the best decision I think I've ever made in my 22 years of existence. I'll be honest that I started reading it kinda hesitantly because I was scared I'd really dislike it... but I was so wrong.

First of all, for first impressions, the colours and illustrations are incredible, a comment I'm going to come back to later on. The price of it was also really good (I bought this for £2.70) and I'm so excited that this is the first in the series! (It came out the day before I bought it, and I had no idea until I checked up on it!)

The characters made me so happy to be introduced to. They are all incredibly diverse.
We have Harley Queens who is Chinese, Harlem Harley who is African American, Bolly Quinn who is Indian, Harvey Quinn who is a male, Carli Quinn who is Latina, Hanu Quinnand Coach who is disabled in both being unable to walk and being blind. The diversity made me so happy to see straight away. What I additionally loved is how they all have their own personalities in the comic as well! And "Harlem Quinn' is described as being "just the right reality slap the gang needs"

Did I mention that I loved this so much?

The story was also really easy to follow, and not too fast paced. And it was also incredibly funny (the above picture being one of the points where I ended up bursting into laughter.) and the cliffhanger for the start of the next issue really got me. I can't wait to see how this develops.

With regards to Harley, I did fall in love with her. I like her more than I like Superman. She's absolutely brilliant and I can't wait to read more of her comics - or just comics she appears in. (I have The Jokers Daughter but its not an issue with her, although I've been informed that that was the series she makes her first appearance in, so I'll keep an eye out.)


It's beautiful! I adore the colours, I love the vibrancy and I love the illustration in general. I mean I know this isn't the 'old' Harley, and it isn't Suicide Squad Harley... I like her. I'm in a debate with myself whether to cosplay as this Harley or SS Harley for Comic Con...

I haven't ever reviewed a comic book before, but I hope you liked this - let me know if you'd like more reviews! This particular comic was the first I've read where I've gone 'THIS NEEDS TO GO ON MY BLOG!'

I'm also not sure if you know, but I dyed my hair recently and made a 'Harley Quinnspired' photoshoot of about 14 pictures, I'll leave you some of my favourites.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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