Two Weeks Anxiety Free

22 April 2016


There isn't much I can really talk about in this blog today, I had a plan but it will have to wait until Tuesday. However, yesterday marks two weeks that I've been anxiety free! (Today obviously being 15 days) which is a massive achievement and I'm not quite sure how I've managed to do it... But it's something I wanted to mark on this blog, and to commemorate in case I go back into a dip!
What have I been doing that might have helped? Well, I started to listen to The Pierces. Hannah told me about them. A few of their older songs are quite eerie which I liked, and their newer ones are really calming. "Creation" is my favourite song, follows by "Kings", "The Devil Is A Lonely Night"... Okay tbh there are lots of songs that I love but I'll link "Creation" below for your to listen to. Also "Elements" because its also very calming.



I've also been walking... like a lot. My longest walk in the past while was about 8 miles long and was about 3 hours worth of walking along the canal - although that was two days before I had a massive panic attack. Since my anxiety has been pretty much non-existent (normal anxiety doesn't count.) my longest walk was 3 hours (1.5 each way) from my house to the Helix development in town. I like walking. I find it really calming. I get to listen to music and just forget about stuff for a while. On that long walk to the Helix, it was raining and hailing a lot, which honestly I really liked. I love the rain (I don't always like being out in it when I don't have a brolly) but for the most part I like it. I like water a lot, I find water really calming to watch. I also like kinda getting mesmerised by the ripples in water.

I think possibly the biggest challenge I've done is just kinda pushing myself. I've been doing a lot by myself, and just pretty much getting used to my own company. My walks have been solo walks, I've been travelling to town a lot by myself, but also I've been going to events. On Saturday, I went to the Tokyo Toys opening in Glasgow with my fellow baguette, Jack. It was 4 hours worth of queuing, it was crazy but actually pretty fun. Oh!!! Before I forget, I've started vlogging again. I've been trying to video a little bit every day this past week so I'll get that edited soon - please bear with me!

I've felt really happy, lately and it's like my creativity is surging back and it's been great. I wish I could give you advice on how to get rid of anxiety. Sadly, I don't have any but I've started going to see a counsellor who also said that the walking I've been doing has probably had a big impact - so I guess I truely recommend that. (It doesn't have to be like 3 hours long, just a walk to a park and then home again is probably enough.)

I'll see you on Tuesday with a travel and tourism post.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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