WEEK 4: Kicking the habit (final instalment)

31 October 2015


So today is HaLlOWeEn and also the 31 October 2015. Which means it's been a whole month of me eating no pizza, candy or drinking any fizzy drinks!!! (I did have some carbonated lemon and lime water, but there was no caffeine and no sugar as it was sweeteners and therefore that doesn't count :P)

SO!  let's do a summary of how it's been from week 1 until now.

WEEK THREE: kicking the habit

25 October 2015

Can you believe it's been 3 weeks now since I started this food experiment?  There's only one week left to go until I'm allowed to have candy, fizzy drinks and pizza again!

Okay, so what's happened this week?

We have to go back

21 October 2015

Back where??

Back to ...  you know where this is going.

It's back to the future day today!  It's the day that Marty McFly, Doc and Jennifer went back to the future -- October 21 2015.  And the world is celebrating....  Well, those who are into pop culture are.

WEEK TWO: kicking the habit

19 October 2015


Week two of my no candy, fizzy juice or pizza month so let's get tuck right in!

This week has been a harder one to really talk about, as a lot has happened -- and I have eaten a lot of food!

But I've stuck to my guns and I'm passed another week of not eating any of the items, but I'm not too sure the 22 days thing is really applying.  As I type this, it's 1am on day 19 and I still think a lot about how good it is going to be to eat some gummy sweets, or some bonbons and even chocolate.. Although that's not my biggest craving because I can easily have another item that's not exempt that is chocolatey.  I probably should have ruled out sweets as a whole rather than just the candy part to get the best results.  Oh well, you live and learn.

WEEK ONE: kicking the habit

09 October 2015


I'm one week into giving up fizzy drinks, pizza and sweets (candy) this month.

Last week, I experienced withdrawal symptoms on my first day.  So what happened this week?

Well its been fairly tame in comparison.

I've been eating a lot more fruit, pasta and sandwiches. I've been drinking a lot more flavoured tea.

Kicking the habit

03 October 2015


As you may have read in my last blog post, I have recently decided to give myself a one month challenge where I will be cutting out Sweets (candy), Pizza and Fizzy juice (pop).

Friday 2 October was day two (this is being posted on the 3rd because I had college, a Mandarin meeting and then work.  It's a busy life for some!  I'll be referring to yesterday throughout this post as "today" so shhh!) and so I thought I'd post a little about how I got on. 

While it has been fairly straightforward, I have experienced some set backs.

Throughout today, I experienced...  withdrawal symptoms.

Not taking a pizza this

01 October 2015


So recently, I read an article shared by Chiara that she wrote for Qmunicate magazine about how she tested the 22 days to break a habit experiment (that you can read here) and the results that she experienced with it.  It got me thinking.

So while recently I made an important life decision to help me to focus more on my college work, it is also one which opens up the possibility of falling into some bad eating habits, due to staying at home more, and we all know how we eat when we have no body else around us to stop us.