Why I Love... Jasmine

28 October 2017


You might remember a few months ago I wrote a post titled 'Why I Love... Saph' and I said that it was a new series I was looking to do. I also said that it was something I wasn't going to be doing regularly so that once a post came out, it would be a nice surprise for whoever the subject was. Well, now's the time for the next in the series, and that person is the wonderful Jasmine, aka Kkochsongi.

That Time I Jumped Off The Pier | Bournemouth

24 October 2017


And before you ask, I was harnessed in, don't worry!

As I'm sure you're very aware, last month I flew down to Bournemouth to visit my lovely friend, hannah. There wasn't too much planned for our time there, but it was going to be a mix of a pre-birthday celebration as well as me just needing a little break from all things work related. It was nice, and I had a lot of fun!

Girls' Afternoon | Snow Factor

19 October 2017


Ski season has started up again, and I'm sure you probably all remember that a few months ago I wrote a post all about my Snowboarding lessons with Snow Factor (located in Soar at Intu Braehead). Well, a couple of weeks ago, they held an event called Girls' Afternoon, which meant 2 hours on the slope for £22.70 (a 30% discount!) followed by cakes in Bar Varia (bar/restaurant upstairs) which were free when you bought a hot drink.

My Struggles With Vegetarianism

10 October 2017


So, I've been a veggie for around 2 months now (check out my last post about it here) and on the whole, I've really enjoyed my time with it, but that doesn't mean that it's been straightforward.

I'm sorry

03 October 2017


So. I took an inpromptu month off from blogging. I'm sorry. My internet was down and I've been working a lot as well, to a point I've been too tired to blog despite bringing my laptop with me on my lunches... To start with at least, then I just lost all my motivation for literally everything...