I'm sorry

03 October 2017


So. I took an inpromptu month off from blogging. I'm sorry. My internet was down and I've been working a lot as well, to a point I've been too tired to blog despite bringing my laptop with me on my lunches... To start with at least, then I just lost all my motivation for literally everything...

But I'm back!

I've had an awful lot on my mind for the last month. Things have changed from the last update post, so allow me to keep you up to date. Believe it or not, this post has been sitting in my drafts for weeks, and I've needed to keep editing it to keep it in line with what I've been doing at that period of time, in order to keep the post making sense.

My new job fell through, but luckily I hadn't handed in my notice at my work, so I've managed to keep my job and I couldn't be happier. I didn't feel ready to leave that place yet. You know how you just know when to leave somewhere? I really love my colleagues, and it meant I got to help out a lot with our new start, who I get along with really well! A few weeks ago, I was in charge and had been running the place, and it felt amazing. I really felt like I proved myself as a supervisor, which is a feeling I haven't really had in my 10 months of being one.

I've felt really tired a lot more often as well, and I'm not sure if it has anything to do with going veggie last month, or if it is just because I've been working a lot more. On the week where I was running the store, Thursday was basically my first day off, and I stg I didn't leave my bed. I really needed it. I've not been allowing myself to rest that much, in all honesty, and I keep having work-related dreams in fact, I've been dreaming so much more than I ever have, and last night was my first dream that wasn't about work! (It was me an a bunch of my friends sitting in a restaurant and I was trying to decide what to eat because none of the veggie options appealed to me and then I asked this really weird waiter if they had a vegetarian or a vegan menu and... It was just really weird and mildly uncomfortable and I'm glad it was a dream!)

Another thing that happened was that I went to visit my lovely hannah! I hadn't seen her since the start of the year, and this time I got to meet Tom for the first time as well, so that was really cool! I was excited about getting to see their little flat, and I really loved going to the beach, where I actually jumped off the pier! (Spoiler, that's a future post!) I wasn't looking forward to my flight down, because I forgot an early flight meant having to wake up even earlier than normal, and it wasn't at a time that I had access to public transport, so I booked myself into an airport hotel.

I think that's really all that's important to talk about, really. I'm sorry again that I'm so lame and haven't been updating regularly, but hopefully I've sorted myself out now. (Luckily, I do have somebody who's continually reminding me that I need to blog, so thank you!)

Until next time (I promise it'll be more regular from now on!), be excellent to each other.

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