My Struggles With Vegetarianism

10 October 2017


So, I've been a veggie for around 2 months now (check out my last post about it here) and on the whole, I've really enjoyed my time with it, but that doesn't mean that it's been straightforward.

I've slipped up a few times. By that, I don't mean that I've physically eaten a steak or anything because I've been doing really well at not giving into any temptations with chicken or beef, but on a few occassions, I have accidentally eaten gelatine. The first time was because I basically forgot that gelatine existed and I ate a few empire biscuits. The second time, I really should have known better. I went to visit hannah, where we went into Tescos and I bought myself a tub of bubblegum bottles. When I saw them, gelatine totally slipped my mind because when I saw those tubs of blue and pink deliciousness that make my mouth water, I just needed them, because they're my favourite sweets (other than sherbet), but I guess now that's just a sacrifice I'm going to need to make.

Some people around me are also having struggles trying to adjust to this new lifestyle change (though, they are really, really trying!) and they ask me if I want any chicken or fish. It's a really simple mistake, and I don't mind it at all, I just feel really guilty when I have to explain that I can't eat them (but tbh, I don't really like fish anyway.)

Restaurants are another fun situation for me. I've always been quite fussy when I've eaten in one, but I can normally get by with a simple chicken dish (normally SFC). But, I can't do that anymore! So now I've realised just how much more of a struggle I'm finding it. My most recent experience was in Southampton airport where I sat down for a preflight meal. I ended up having a a vegetable flatbread and chips but I've noticed that in a lot of places, the veggie option is halloumi, which is a nightmare when you don't like cheese...

I love being a vegetarian, though, don't get me wrong, and these are all only minor things. I know that I'll get there eventually. I just need to be a bit more aware from now one and try to be open to eating new things.

Are you a vegetarian (or vegan)? How are you finding your experience, or did you also have slips when you first started it Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

(Ps, I've had this post drafted for over a week, but had no accompanying picture so pls excuse the fact that this was my lunch!)

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