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Sherbet Aurora is a travel and lifestyle blog run by me, Gail, near Glasgow, Scotland.

Sherbet Aurora began life in 2014 when I studied my HND in travel and tourism. I then went on to study a BA in business at the University of the West of Scotland in 2016. At the beginning of 2020, I decided to take take on my MSc in Digital Marketing, again at the University of the West of Scotland.

My passions include travel, science and language and these are themes I try to incorporate into my blog. I also really like pizza, the number Pi and the colour blue. And the Bill and Ted films, of course.

I've written a number of "airline reviews", including Turkish Airlines and British Airways which I've done off her own accord, but would be willing to do in partnership with an airline. Reviews are something I enjoy. But not just with airlines, you can also find a selection of restaurant reviews, such as The Church, in Chester.

Sherbet Aurora is PR friendly, so don't be afraid to send a message if you'd like to work together, the e-mail address is gail@agentlegail.com, however, please note that I am open with the readers of Sherbet Aurora and will announce clearly whether or not a post is sponsored. Additionally, sponsorship will only be accepted if it fits in with the blog, and if it is of interest to the readers of Sherbet Aurora. Posts will be clearly marked with an * within the main body, and the nature of the sponsorship will be clearly noted within the text.

The River House, in Stirling, is an example of a company that has worked with Sherbet Aurora, where I attended a cocktail making class.

Finally, I have a passion for conservation and environmentalism, which I've created a new blog dedicated towards. You can find this at www.agentlegail.com. A Gentle Gail is my main blog, and you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook under the handle @agentlegail. If you wish you find me on Tik Tok, you can do so by searching for @gailypi.

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Be excellent to each other <3

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