A Relaxing Night

05 September 2017


I've been a bit stuck for blog ideas lately, but thankfully, the Body Shop came to my rescue by releasing some samples of their new facemasks. This was something that was actually brought to my attention through my friend, Russell, who picked up some samples for his girlfriend (so thanks, Danielle!)

It had been a good few weeks since I'd used a facemask, and it was showing on my face. Even though I use a facewash every day, my skin is still being really flaky and horrible, and actually, as I type this, it's looking flaky again, it's so bad! I decided one night that I was going to really pampour myself. So, I ran myself a bath, shaved my legs, and treated myself to a Bomb Cosmetics (Girl Power) bath bomb, a Bubble T bath fizzer and one half of the Pop In the Bath bubble bar from Lush, as well as some of my comfortable PJs from Primark. Already, I was feeling pretty chilled. I also listened to some music on my Spotify. It was bliss.

Seeing as my pores were now opened from a chilled bath, it was time to decide on what facemask to use. The three I got in my sample were: Japanese Matcha Tea, British Rose and Himalayan Charcoal. I was torn between the first two, because the Japanese Matcha Tea description states that its a 'pollution clearing mask', in that it 'exfoliates and liberates your skin from the weekly build up of city pollutants and every day impurities' (taken from the description here), whereas the British Rose brightens you a little. After discussing them with Saph, I decided on the Charcoal one, because she loves Charcoal ones and surprisingly I've never used one of them before!

The sample size is a 5ml one, but it was exactly enough for a full face coverage, and I was impressed at how quickly it started to dry. It always amuses me when I wear masks like this, because I can't move my face that much. I know, I'm weird. Anyway, I waited 10 minutes and then washed it off - it was so easy to wash off, too! I sometimes find that I'm struggling with residue but this was actually so quick and easy. My face felt so smooth. I used some moisturiser afterwards, because I'm trying really hard to make sure I keep remembering to moisturise. (My face looks flushed because I used warm water to wash my face)

Honestly, I really did like this facemask and I probably would buy it again. I'm currently thinking I'm going to try the British Rose one next because I can't stop thinking about it!

I think we can forget to look after ourselves every so often, especially with how fast life seems to catch up with us, but we need to remember how nice it is to take some time out and just chill. Plus, your body will love you for it.

So, this is your reminder to slow down a little, drink a bit more water and moisturise your skin, look after yourself and try to chill out a little, because you deserve it! Sorry for the short post today, I'll be back on my game again soon!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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