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02 September 2017



Last week I got a random message from my friend Robin asking "R u free tomorrow for an impromptu road trip?" Intrigued, I messaged back that I was free and asked where we were going. Turns out there's a cool island called Lindisfarne, near Berwick-upon-Tweed who sell some really awesome mead. (I didn't mean for that to rhyme.)

I set off at about 9am-ish to make sure I was on time to meet him, and my other friend, Andrew, at 11am. After then, we set off. It took about 2 hours, which wasn't helped by the countless roadworks on our route! When we made it onto the island at about 1.30pm, the car park was mobbed, and you had to pay to park as well. But that was okay, and we managed to find ourselves a space, so after that, we began to explore a little.

First stop was mead, because that was the whole point behind our adventure. We found our way to the shop (it was 2 minutes away and hard not to find) where we had a wander around, and tried some for ourselves. I really liked the taste of the spiced mead, so I bought myself a bottle of that, and I spotted some cherry wine, and as I really like cherry flavoured things, I thought it would make a great addition! After this, we went to the gift shop next door where I bought myself a monk teddy (he's SO soft and he needs a name!!!) and we spoke a little to the girl at the till, who was super lovely! Then we headed back to the car to drop off some of our things in the boot, where we realised that there was only 5 cars left in the car park (the tide was due to come in and close off the island) So now we were really excited, and it was time for our adventure to really begin! (After some food.)

We went to a cafe called 1st Class Food for lunch, where I had the soup of the day (spicy parsnip!) and a side of fries with a hot chocolate. Everything was at the perfect temperature as well and I really enjoyed it! This is also the point where I got the bad news that the new job I was talking about in my post last week had fallen through, so I'm staying with my old work colleagues! As much as it sucks, at least a few problems have been ironed out, which is great! One we were all filled up, we started to walk in the direction of the castle. We weren't expecting much because we could see there was a lot of scaffolding around it.

We walked around and spotted a garden, which seemed a lot more interesting in that moment, so we went to investigate. It was so beautiful, and overflowing with so many pretty plants and a few interesting notes. My favourite was that Gertrude Jekyll, the woman who designed the garden 'experimentally sowed wildflowers in the castle rocks by using a shotgun loaded with seeds!'. The paths were also bordered with lambs ear, a type of plant and OH MY GOD THE LEAVES ARE SO SOFT YOU CAN'T BELIEVE IT.

Next stop was to the beach. There were quite a few stone piles as well which I found really interesting to look at, and I may have taken a picture of my Bill and Ted pop vinyls on top of... While Robin skipped some rocks. From there, we all sat down on on the grass for a little while watching the waves, before getting up and heading straight for the castle. When we got there, we noticed some tunnels, I think is the best word, and started joking that there was a bat inside. At which second, we heard a screech and something flying past us. Logic dictates that it was a bird, but I want to believe that it was a bat. When we'd got bored of exploring, we took the stairs to the top of the castle rock that was still able to be climbed on, then we began to really look at this strange pyramid that we could see in the distance.

Of course, being the crazy explorers that we are, who are also trapped on an island, we decided to walk straight to the pyramid, through a field of wheat (okay, but a field we're allowed to walk through, let me make a #relatable comment). It didn't take long to get there, and honestly I was disappointed because it wasn't impressive in height, it was... Boring. It also didn't have any signage, and not even Pokemon Go helped us to identify it, so we sat on the benches and contemplated the time we were at, while eating cookies. It was getting late, so we decided it was probably time to head back to the car, which didn't take long.

On our way, we heard a sound that was similar to the one we heard once the car park was emptied, so it seemed to signal that the causeway was clear, and with that, we were back on the mainland at about 8pm. We were all also hungry, so we stopped by a McDonald's, where I tried my first Veggie Delux burger, and we had a fun journey home.

I really liked Lindisfarne, it was a great place to escape to for a day, and it's literally on our doorstep! I'd like to go back one day.

Have you ever been to Lindisfarne? Would you like to!?

Sorry I didn't write a post on Tuesday, I'm going to tag this as a Travel Tuesday as it technically should have been, but I'm really behind right now and I can't apologise enough! I'm regularly posting my pictures from Lindisfarne on my Instagram, so be sure to follow me on there to see all my pictures! I don't like having too many photos in a post because I can think it's too distracting, but let me know below if you'd have preferred more pictures, because I might be able to edit this post some time in the future!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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