My Best Friend: Honey

26 August 2017


I'd talked about writing a post about this about a month ago on twitter (if you don't follow me, then you probably should do. #ShamelessSelfPromo) anyway. I have a teddy, her name is Honey. She is very, very old and to many people, she's probably just another tattered little toy that should probably have been thrown out a long time ago BUT THOSE PEOPLE ARE WRONG. Honey is probably one of my best friends. And let me tell you why that is.

Honey used to belong to my mum, but when I was a baby, I took her from her, and claimed her as my own. I grew up with her. I never used to be able to pronounce 'Honey' so I used to call her 'Ho-I'. Honey used to have grey fur and blue eyes, but over the years... Her fur eroded away, and she's been left with who she is today, but I wouldn't have her any other way.

Throughout my childhood, whenever I've been ill, Honey has been there, and because her ears are now so thin and furr-less, they're often cold and soothing, and that's how 'Honey's magic ear' was born. Even now, at 23 years old, I still find myself going to grab and rub her ears, and I don't think that's ever going to be something that goes away, it's a comfort to me, And in fact, it's not even just when I'm ill! I have a lot of days where I feel really alone, and she's always there. She's been there for me through everything, from primary school, through my high school depression and to present day. I never want to lose her.

I remember when we used to go on family holidays to Spain, and when we came back into the hotel rooms, the maids had always tucked her into bed! It never failed to amuse me. When I was in primary one, I took her to school with me, and I actually think I did a show and tell about her! Then in primary seven, we went on a week away to West Linton, and I took Honey along with me, where my friend threatened to attach her onto a stick and scare the other dorms with her because she 'looks like a zombie!' (I didn't let it happen.) I was also evacuated from my home for a night or two when I was younger too because there was a fire near some gas cylinders near my house, and the only things I cared about were all my teddies. (Thankfully, my parents 'rescued' Honey for me, and nothing happened about the fire/gas cylinders and we were able to go back into our home again.)

I know this is a really short, and probably very weird post, but even though she's 'not real', Honey is really one of my best friends, and she's been a constant comfort throughout my life, and I thought it would be nice to show her some appreciation. After all, she must be in her late 30s (human years) by now! And I love her.

What was your favourite teddy when you were younger? And do you still have it?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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