What Does "Be Excellent To Each Other" Mean To Me?

12 August 2017


I use this phrase a lot. I talk about using this phrase a lot. We all know I use this phrase a lot. But what does it actually mean to me? Of course, the most obvious answer is that it's just a reference to Bill and Ted, but does it go deeper than that?

To me, it means be kind to strangers. Let's start with the obvious. Be respectful, understanding and most of all, be patient with those that you meet in your life. You never know what may be going on in somebody else's life, and perhaps a small act of kindness can change their perspective on how they live their lives. I know that I always remember times when somebody has shown kindness towards me, and so I always aim to do the same for other people. Which leads me very well into my next point.

Be kind to your friends. Sure, they're not strangers any more, you interact and you've built up a relationship, but that's not always enough. Be excellent to them, show them that you care about them from time to time. It doesn't have to be excessive, you don't have to spend £70 on them in order to get them to smile, just tagging them in a meme, or sending them a message about how you saw a cute dog and it made you think of them is enough to make somebody's day. This is something that I personally love doing, and I am somebody who gets real enjoyment out of creating little care packages, like the most recent one that I put together for Saph when she gave birth to little Charlie!

Be kind to yourself. This is something that most of us forget. We get so caught up in making other people happy that we forget about ourselves. Be excellent to yourself. Treat yourself. Have a pyjama day, wear a facemask, eat junk food and watch your favourite film on repeat. (That last step is what I've been doing for the last two months or so, mostly it's Point Break, rather than Bill and Ted, surprisingly!) Don't forget about your self worth. Because you're just as important as everybody else. Don't be afraid to take risks and aspire for greatness. I've taken a lot of risks in my life, which I won't go into, but if I hadn't have taken them, I'd still be the same heavily anxious Gail I was back when I was 19 instead of who I am today. Two years ago, I'd never go anywhere alone, but now I can go to the cinema or a restaurant and sit by myself. I learned to trust and respect myself, I was excellent to myself, and now I think I'm pretty damn alright!

Lastly, remember that everybody has flaws. Everybody. From yourself and that neighbour you barely know, all the way to the most perfect A list celebrity that you love. We all have something flawed, and it's important to remember that it's okay to not be perfect. I wrote a post not too long ago about my flaws and why they make me perfect, which I highly recommend you read.

Be Excellent To Each Other may seem like some stupid quote from an 80s sci-fi comedy about two idiots from San Dimas, but to me, as you can see, it holds a lot more meaning. Remember that. Remember to be kind to others; strangers, friends, family, as well as yourself. And this is what my tattoo reminds me of, every single day.

So, until next time, be excellent to each other, and most importantly... Party on, dudes.


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