Closing Statements | STW2016

12 April 2016


This post will be relatively short but I wanted to give my own closing statements to the Scottish Tourism Alliance conference.

It was an incredibly opportunity to get to go, and I can't thank Gail and my college enough for allowing me to get one of the few tickets they had. And I can't thank the attendees and speakers enough for accepting us students into see the conference, and treating us as equals. I want to thank Terri Scriven for speaking to me when I got the chance to talk to her, and essentially giving me the nudge that I should continue to go for the career that I want to do. I won't forget "you should be working for this lot, telling them what to do!" when I talked about my blogging and vlogging experience.

I also want to thank Digital Scotland and Visit Scotland for speaking to me and again treating me as an equal when I was attempting to network, it was my first time trying anything like that and the enthusiasm you gave me was a huge boost.

The entire experience was incredible. The food I suspect was good, though I am a bit fussy and I could only allow myself to eat the salad and bread on offer because I'm not keen on cheese or fish.

Everyone at the tourism conference was so welcoming, and it was so great to see a community come together, it makes me absolutely certain that I want to work in the tourism industry. I am part of #TheGirlGang, of course but this was a community that was previously unseen to me before, and being able to watch everyone have fun and work together with my own eyes was incredible - and I was so surprised to see the Irish tourism body coming together to join with the Scottish tourism body to provide insight and support. It was incredible inspiring to me.

I want to thank the waiting staff as well, who were in charge of providing service with food and drinks. I know how hard you must have been working and that sometimes your work goes unappreciated. I understand the service industry, and I know that sometimes people can forget how hard it is. You all did a great job and even if you never read this, at least know it was appreciated.

There isn't much else I can say about the experience. Thank you to all the speakers for providing your professional insight and thank you to Simon Woodroffe for giving me the motivation I needed so badly at that moment in time. You'll never know how much that meant to me.

So... That's it! That's all my posts from the Scottish Tourism Alliance conference 2016! If you've stuck around for each and every one, then I can't thank you enough! If you've even just read a few posts, then again, thank you!

I've spent the last week engrossed in a book series; i've read three of the books since Tuesday and I'm maybe a few chapters away from finishing it! So expect a book review on either Friday or Saturday!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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