06 July 2015

Sorry its been a while since I talked about anything, I've been really busy with life and yeah...

So, I said my next post would be my exciting thing and here it is!  TOWN TOURS.

TOWN TOURS is a project I've wanted to embark upon for many years. It began in 2013 when my friend Robin and I started randomly videoing clips around our home town that we liked to hang around at. Like driving to the hospital to get a Starbucks because we both looked "like hipsters" and taking a few clips of when we got a Subway for lunch.

I ended up losing these clips, which I'm still upset about, because they could have made a really great video. And I'd love to have shown you them. (I looked 100% on point) but anyway..

TOWN TOURS ended up being made redundant, and my life got in the way. Suddenly I was in full time employment, then unemployment, then college and getting out of unemployment and throughout all this I was in no real mental state to keep up with my youtube channel any more. Which i missed desperately.

Then, in August 2014 I started a full time college course through in Glasgow. A HND in Travel and Tourism, and with this, I started to learn a lot more, and gain new perspectives, new ideas and my creativity sparked up again.

When I was making that first TOWN TOURS video, lets call it an alpha test, Robin and I only really had the idea as a bit of fun. Just show people some places that we like in our home town, and just video us hanging out in other towns.

But now, T know about the tourism industry in greater depth.

TOWN TOURS is now a project I want to use to encourage tourism into different towns and cities. At the moment, due to money and work commitments, it will be around scotland, but then when we're able to, down into England and Wales, then hopefully, if we can afford it, travel further abroad - go overseas.

After the recession, domestic tourism, ie tourism that occurs entirely within the home country, in this instance for example, the UK is the home country and the travel is occurring within Scotland, England and Wales, have been quite high, which has been great for recovering the economy.

But I want to continue to encourage this.

I said we will be starting off in Scotland, and Scotland has some hidden gems, it is a gorgeous country that even its people don't often get to see. We have things such as the Kelpies in Falkirk, Arthur's seat in Edinburgh which are common tourist attractions, but travel further north and you get amazing natural wonders. We have standing stones, we have fairy pools! I want to show the hidden gems of towns and cities. I want to show that Scotland isn't just about Groundskeeper Willie, haggis and bagpipes, that England isn't just about tea and crumpets, Wales isn't just about dragons and sheep, France isn't just about the Eiffel tower, Holland isn't just about the cafes in Amsterdam. I want to show that there are amazing and beautiful experiences that are priceless as well as the fun tourist activities.

This is how you can help.

My first Town Tours video is live on youtube.

My Youtube channel is gailypi // gailychanx3.

The first video is rather long, at 25 minutes. but it is more a beta test and future episodes will be a lot shorter.  And more action packed.

If you could watch the video, offer me more suggestions of improvements, and places we could visit then I'd appreciate that so much and even credit you if we use your idea!

TOWN TOURS is something I'm proud of but without viewers and readers the idea becomes worthless, so I need your help.

Before we go to any town or city I'll make sure we do some extensive research on exciting or interesting places that it has in its walls.

I'm also planning on writing blog posts along side the videos to give a more in depth explanation on our adventures.

I hope to see you on this journey with us.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

where will TOWN TOURS take you?

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