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21 June 2015

Next post will be my exciting thing.


So a week ago, after my friend racheal and I had the 'just see what happens day', I took a train through to a nearby city and went to meet my super lovely friend, Nicole!

Nicole and I became friends online, much like myself and hannah. We became mutuals on Tumblr, but didn't meet for maybe around a year, when she moved nearby to where I live. (which was super awesome!)
Since then, we've met every so often, whenever we're both free, really.  and usually we meet up at Costa, then wander around and maybe go back to hers to chat and order a Dominos.

On this visit, I was so, so excited because she got a kitten!

I really do like cats, and dogs. My favourite animal is a giraffe.

Nicole had mentioned a few months ago that she wanted a kitten, and so now that she had one, I couldn't contain my excitement - especially because all her snapchat stories were of her and Dusty (kittens name).

Meet Nicole.

If you want, you should totally follow her on tumblr:  swiftspick.tumblr.com
Her amazing followers consist of myself, and taylor swift.  (and many more, of course)

Anyway, so like always, we met at costa, where I got a green tea, mint and lime cooler:

It tasted nice, it was different than what I expected but I'd get it again.

After this, we went back to hers, and she brought out her kitten and we started to set up a game of Monopoly.

Monopoly is a thing for us, we both love the game, its our favourite. We once sat in brew dog for five hours playing it, before deciding that we needed to move because we had things to do. Like voting before polls closed. And in that game, counting only the money left over, I had won. If you included the mortgages, then she won. So really, we needed a rematch!

This was Disney Monopoly (Nicole's favourite).
She was alice (from Alice in Wonderland)
And I was Aurora (my second favourite Disney princess, after Cinderella.)

So we started playing, we were really distracted because Dusty was being a little terror! Running around the place, trying to jump off from too high (he is still a very young kitten) and just generally being so adorable that we both wanted to pat him

About 15-25 minutes into the game, we heard a loud crash and we were left like wtf? So Nicole went over to investigate...


"Gail! There's a bird in my cupboard!"

My first thought was "oh god, how long has it been in there for?" then "how do you look after a bird?" and then "who do we call?!"

Nicole took Dusty out the room. This is a baby bird, and a kitten wouldn't know what to do, we didn't want to scare the bird more than it already was!

Then I got some bread and some water and sat it next to it, the only thing I could think to do, while Nicole called her landlord and I called my granda. The bird expert.  (to me).

Granda told me that it wouldn't eat the bread because it wasn't something it was used to, but if we had seeds then we could feed it that. He told me that we should get it safely into a box, sat next to the water and an open window and that was probably all we could do.

Nicole's landlord agreed to come through to see if there was a hole, because it was an odd place for it to kinda of just appear.

While we were trying to catch it in the box, Nicole gave it a bit of a spook by accident, and it .. flew away?

It did appear again an hour or so later, and this time her landlord took it away, wrapped up in a towel.
It was so cute though, honestly! i mean look!

So now that the bird was safely away, we could bring little Dusty back out! But our game of Monopoly was still going nowhere.

All this had made us hungry, and so I suggested, as normal, "we should order a dominos!"
So we did. We got a medium pizza with a side and two drinks. We made the pizza a half and half: my half being margarita with chicken, and hers being pepperoni and I can't remember the other topping D:

So at almost 6pm, after the cheeky kitty kept distracting us, and her laptop was getting charged, we made the order.  and the wait began.

But it wasn't too long a wait and eventually our food arrived, YAY!

It was sooo good
but pizza and potato wedges usually are.

We did have little Dusty trying to climb onto the table a lot which was funny. I felt bad though, because he kept meowing at us like "Gail, mummy, I'm hungry. Food. Look, fooood, there, I can't reach, I'm hungry, give me fooood!" But he was getting settled into a feeding routine and there was nothing we could really do, it was such a little shame! That being said, whenever he did eat, he ate it so quickly!

After food, we spent a lot of time playing with Dusty.  and I made it my mission to not only pick him up I have this thing where I'm scared to pick up small animals in case I hurt them) but also to get a picture of him looking right at the camera.

Dusty did eventually get another feeding, but it was just so funny watching him climbing!

It got so funny at one point!

I was sitting on the couch, and Dusty was up there too. He decided to jump down... But he landed in his water bowl and soaked himself! I was killing myself laughing, obviously it was a shame, but the fact I had just witnessed this was hilarious! He ran over to Nicole, who dried him off in a towel.

All this excitement had made us thirsty. We're both tea drinkers, and recently I've really taken to drinking green tea. Luckily for me, Nicole has a cupboard packed with green tea in all kinds of flavours. I decided upon lemon green tea. I can't remember what Nicole had...

so much green tea ?!?!!?

I think little Dusty felt really left out with us standing, debating about what flavours to have. He kept running circles around us, and trying to climb, then running around the room.

Eventually, Nicole just picked him up, and I took more pictures of him.

I've decided I'm going into pet photography!

So my first task was complete! Get a picture of him facing the camera! next I just had to pluck up the courage to pick him up.

I was so happy that he finally started to trust me! I know how difficult it was, with him being so young (9 weeks?) and having a fear of loud noises. My camera kept making noises that scared him, but eventually I think he realised it wasn't scary. And with me... Well. He got to a point where he kept climbing me! So I must have been doing something right!

And eventually, I did it.

He walked over to me and sat by my feet and I decided "this is it." so I carefully put my hands at either side of him and...

Afterwards, he did this and I couldn't stop laughing:

So funny.

Anyway, it eventually got to 11pm and I decided I should probably say goodbye - I'd been over at her house since... 2.30? Something like that.

I was really sad to be going, but I had work the next again day and had no change of clothes, otherwise I'd have been 100% up for staying over. (I was really tired)

So I said goodbye - It was so sad!

Dusty was cuddled up to me, and it had taken him so long to trust me and now I was going to leave him to walk to the train station! So sad!

But we did it. And next time I'm over to visit I will give him a big hug!

The walk to the train station was okay, I'd forgotten a jacket so Nicole loaned me one of hers (totally not an incentive to go back as soon as she's home from Paris.)

I was a tad annoyed, because I always leave myself 10-20 minutes extra time before my train is due, just in case I walk slower.  But on this occassion... MY TRAIN WAS DELAYED.

Scotrail - why?!

I was standing for half an hour!

Oh well.

Train journey itself was uneventful, and the walk from the arrival train station to mine was also not that note worthy.

And I got home safely. That's all that needs said.

I have to say though, Dusty is an adorable little kitten, and I'm trying to convince my mum to let me get one! (never going to happen. She hates cats. It's so sad.)

So do you have any pets? And what is your favourite animal? Also, do you want an extra 9:47 minutes of seeing this pretty kitty? Just watch below!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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