Creating the right Mood

13 June 2015


There are lots of exciting things happening just now that I'll talk about in blog posts coming very, very soon! For now, quickly head over to my youtube channel thanks!
Okay lovelies! It's that time again!

Her velvet vase MAY mood box!!!

My colour options for this month were: White, Purple and Black
My fashion moods were: happy and bright, and elegant
My occassions were: casual/fun and party
(I think, I'm sure. Certain. I can't find my screen shots of my choices, I've sat down and thought hard about it. I'm sure this is right.)

So my time line was pretty great too!
May 2: made my mood choices for the month
May 22: order shipped
May 25: received tracking number
May 28: order arrived

It was in great shape, and it was delivered at 1010 to my neighbour, because I had no idea that it was out for delivery and accidentally slept in...

So let's have a little look!

A beauty voucher i'm not able to use (Singapore) but greatly appreciated
Two eye masks and the lip balm I got a few months ago!


This bag + strap
This bag is just the right size for carrying all your essentials: purse, keys etc although not big enough for carrying larger items like bottles of water.

But it's really cute, I really love it and I adore the bow!

When i first spotted it in the box, i thought it looked adorable!  i really like it.

This top
I have such a love of crop tops! I love this colour, I'm not 100% on the design, and I'm not sure how I feel about the two see through ... Panels??

It fits comfortably though, so that's okay.

Okay so I had to rush away and forgot to take a picture of the skirt (TERRIBLE GAIL) but here it is!

I'm not usually keen on wearing white bottoms, but this skirt is really lovely, I do like it. It won't be getting worn as much as my other skirts but its definitely staying in my wardrobe.

I didn't take any pictures in the Forever 21 changing rooms this time (!!!)
I didn't wear this OOTD to college, because I've finished college for this year.

So what did I do?

Well, I wore it in my brand new youtube project called 'TOWN TOURS'.

Video for this is live now, click on my youtube link at the top of this entry to check it out and see this outfit in action!

I initially paired this with my favourite blazer
I've recently been having body image issues and as much as I love this outfit, I don't think the fit suited me very well, I'm not sure how else to explain it. (I also look very awkward but it's just my face)

over all how do i feel?

Well, like i said, I do genuinely really like the outfit, and if I lose a few pounds it might suit me a bit better (I've joined the gym so this will happen!)

The delivery was very prompt, I'm really impressed, the clothes are individually all beautiful however, I don't think this necklace really complimented the top. there was just too much happening and my neck area looked really busy. Maybe a smaller necklace for a top with decoration underneath would look better?

So... that's all for this!
I'll see you next time with a better explanation of town tours, a few days out and goodness only knows what else!

What did you think of this outfit?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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