Turning 21 and Holley Tea Time!

31 May 2015


Until my lovely friend hannah reminded me, I had totally forgotten to tell you all about my 21st birthday!

But that's okay because that's exactly what I'm going to do today! Sort of...

I want to talk a bit about the lovely Holley Tea Time!

So hannah and I are real life friends. We became friends back in around August 2011 due to mutual interests and finally met each other for the first time in April 2012. Although we became friends through the wonderful medium that is the internet, we became really close and have met about 6 times now, and our longest skype call was 6 hours long. We've even stayed over at each others houses!!

So you can imagine that me turning 21 was a huge deal. Although, sadly, she couldn't make it up to scotland for my birthday, she wanted to make sure I got a really great present - but she had no idea what to get! Then we both remembered about her order with Holley Tea Time and she asked me if there were any designs that I liked. There were, of course.
So, I sent her a link to the clothes that I liked.

hannah then told me to pick 'heads' or 'tails' and whatever it landed on would be the design she was to buy. So I did and then asked she what clothes I wanted, like crop top, skirt, dress etc. I went with the crop top and matching skirt.

Because the sizes are all american sizes, I had to do a bit of searching to find out what would fit me: a UK size 10, best. I figured an S would be sufficient so I got her to buy me that.

The prices seem to be decent, $38 (roughly £24.85) for the crop top and $75 (roughly £49.04) for the skirt. I can't comment on how well the shipping and transactions were because, obviously, I wasn't the one that ordered it. Ask hannah how much shipping cost :)!

So, the best timeline I can make here is:

Order placed: 17 February
Order arrived with hannah: 9 March
Arrived with me: 13 March
MY 21ST BIRTHDAY: 14 March

So it was pretty speedy. It was funny because hannah also placed an order for something for herself, but my one was shipped out first :P
I'm so special.

I have to say, hannah packed it all very cutely. But I think by now we all know her love of stationary.

The time line shows a pretty speedy delivery from America, and also Royal Mail (!!!) delivered quite quickly.

Inside this parcel, hannah included some extras. These were bat tights (that I got over excited by and ripped :(), and a choker, which you'll see me wearing in a bit, as well as a badge with 'G' that you can see pictured.

What took me by surprise though, was that Holley also included a note for me! And I'm really sad because i've misplaced it, but basically it was saying happy birthday - and it was so unexpected and such a lovely gesture to make!

I found Holley on Tumblr, because she was a recommended blog for me and so I sent her a message, so I'll show you the reply.

Now, would you liked to see me wearing the outfit?  of course you would, who am i kidding(?)

These pictures were taken by my friend, Natasha. Maybe i should explain the cake a little bit..., I'll make it small so you can skip it if you like.
i was born on march 14th.  in american date format, that reads as 3/14.  my birthday this year fell upon 3/14/15 and i have been planning to have  'pi party' for my birthday since i was 16 years old.  i'm a dork, i know.  back to my review now!

Both items, crop top and skirt, fitted wonderfully -- and they were really comfortable! Which is the most important thing.

The material is also pretty stretchy, adding to that comfort factor - you're not restricted by tightness. You can also see the choker from twirly trinkets that hannah bought for me! That choker is honestly one of my favourites just now.

So, yeah! Holley Tea Time get's a 10/10 for comfort and 5 gailypi points for great customer service - I was extremely satisfied!

Let me tell you a bit about my birthday now, and then a quick picture spam!

It took place in a pub in central Glasgow called Sloans. I booked a room and catering for me and a few friends.

It was quite relaxed, with a really pleasant atmosphere, helpful staff who thought it was really cool that my birthday was a Pi day celebration, and we sat about with my ipod playing in the background (connected to the speaker system) which, as great as it was for me, probably wasn't as great for my friends :P different tastes and all that! SORRY FRIENDS!

Before the majority of people arrived, it was myself, Nicola, Racheal, Jennifer, Robin and Jack who were all sitting blowing up balloons and making strange creations out of glow sticks!

jack, what even is this?

Everyone became quite hungry at about 9 oclock, and the food finally arrived at 10 (?), needless to say everyone rushed over!

After food had arrived, and everyone had eaten something I decided to cut the cake.

My granny had bought me a musical candle and made me promise to video it for her to see

Here's a picture of it that Racheal took on my camera:

It was really nice, it played "happy birthday to you" and opened to show lots of little candles!
Downsides: Nicola nearly burnt her hand on it by lighting it, IT WAS NEVERENDING. The thing kept spinning even after we cut the chord!

Action shot! I look incredibly awkward... But isn't everyone when it's their birthday?

So at 1 am after Sloans had closed, we (like, 5/6 of us) took a trip to Firewater, a sorta club in Glasgow that I really like because of the music. I  was there on Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) with my friend Tanya and it was such a great environment!

Let's take a minute now to appreciate tipsy/drunk Gail and her tipsy/drunk friends (sorry guys)

There are no words. Just.. Wow. So attractive. Much alcohol.

After that, we headed off to my friend's flat, because he was kind enough to let us all (the rest of us, who hadn't left) stay and that was it!

A few people got early trains either home or to Fencing competitions in the morning, but me, Jennfier and Nicola stayed and had a m=McDonald's! (We were there before 10.30 so we got some hot chocolate and waited it out. Life hack!)

And that is the end of this post, I hope you liked reading it! I'll just sign off with a few pictures.

ami and i have been friends for 18 years this year.

What did you think about my clothes from holley tea time?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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