Ed's Easy Diner

01 May 2015

Okay so for like ages I was desperate to go into this diner because it looked really inviting and interesting. I know there are several located around the uk, but this particular one is in Glasgow, located in the food court at St Enoch's center.
I've been three times now and thought 'hey, maybe I should write a blog post about this place!' So....


I honestly really love this place. It's basically based on the idea of an american diner, and it's great! I joined "ed's club" and from doing that, I've been sent a few discount codes in my e-mails (I keep forgetting to get my ed's club card though....)

Every time I go in, the staff are always cheery and welcoming. I know they need to be but they look like they're genuinely enjoying their work. I'll link this into my next statement in a second.

I also love that they have small jukeboxes. For 20p you can choose a song (ie Johnny B. Goode) and have it play - and the money goes to charity as well!  It's my favourite thing! I once (this is the link I was talking about) played Johnny B. Goode, and when I turned around the staff were dancing, it was the best thing I loved it!

Okay so on this visit, my friend jennifer and I received a discount code in our e-mails so we decided that a visit was in order. We were shown to our table and I sat for ages trying to decide which milkshake I wanted. In the end I chose nutella!

Handy hint guys: the milkshakes pretty much serve 2! So you can either go 'halfers' with a friend, or buy one for yourself and get two drinks for the price of one, that's what I do. But BE WARNED these milkshakes are literally the most delicious things in the world and once you start drinking you may not be able to stop THEY ARE NOT JOKING WHEN THEY SAY THE MILKSHAKES ARE GREAT, OKAY!!!

So, for food you can either have a singular food item, or for a few more ££, you can get an Ed's plate which means it comes with chips, onion rings and coleslaw. On this occasion I got the chicken goujons as an Ed's plate.

Jennifer got an burger (cheeseburger? I can't remember I'm sorry!!) Ed's plate.

The food was amazing, the atmosphere was amazing it just lives up to my constant great experience.

The price though...It's not somewhere I go often, it's a bit like... A slightly cheaper TGI Friday's?? Don't get me wrong it's worth every penny, and if you're in the mood for something that isn't McDonalds, or Burger King and are happy to pay a few ££ more then I definitely recommend this place!

Let me know what your experience was like!!

My friend Racheal has recently started up her own blog, so please be sure to check her out!
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Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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