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26 May 2015


A couple of weeks ago, I travelled up north of Scotland to visit my lovely friend racheal. We marathoned the three "night at the museum" movies, ate a bunch of junk and pizza, and shopped. 
although it was only a few days, it was still really great, and it was time away that I was in desperate need of.

We also went to Nandos, and it was my first time there. I've had it planned for a while now to write this post, but in light of the 'cheeky nandos' meme becoming a massive thing, I feel now is the right time (before the meme declines).

The menu was really cute,  and the music in the store was really upbeat and welcoming -- just like the staff. The waitress, who was the first person we met, also took the time to explain how to order which i really appreciated.

Basically, choose your spice level, then choose your main and side.  if you get a drink, go bottomless, it's free refills and if you're anything like me and cannot handle spice at all then... You'll need it.

So then racheal left me to go and order. This part, the waitress didn't explain, which is okay, because racheal explained it to me (not very well :P).

What you do, is you go to the register, give your order, and then pay.  You'll also be given your glasses for your drinks...

Racheal didn't explain the paying part, I've been places where, yes, you order at the till but pay at the end. So I embarrassingly apologised and ran back to get my purse. I also forgot to collect the glasses and was too embarrassed to go back a third time, so got Racheal to go up instead.

Thankfully, it didn't take very long for our food to arrive.

Racheal and I had exactly the same, except she had mango and lime with a diet cola, and I had.... Plain(ish) and a normal cola....

I have absolutely no tolerance for spice whatsoever.
I had to try and stop myself from drinking my cola too quickly.

Don't get me wrong at all guys, the food was amazing! It was delicious and worth it, and don't let the fact the food isn't totally plain put you off, just compensate with the free refills and lots of sauce :P

When we'd both finished, I asked racheal if she'd like a desert, because I had been eyeing up the frozen yoghurt (I HAD NEVER HAD THE DELIGHT THAT IS FROZEN YOGHURT)

She agreed, and ... Well, look.

Guess who's belongs to who:

The one on the left belongs to racheal, the right belongs to me.

So ... Frozen yoghurt was a new experience! The flavour of the day was mango and the taste as you try it for the first time was... Interesting.

I had no idea what to expect, Racheal had no idea what to expect but we could have spent the entire day eating it!  It was so good!

It tastes nothing like ice cream. It's a bit like... Slightly solidified flavoured water, I have no idea how else to describe it.  But it was amazing.

Racheal was also really amused by the napkins, and she realised that it was a 'fire blanket' because of Nandos' reputation for hot food.  get it?  Never mind. She also got a second drink and something seemed a bit off about it... *cough* syrup *cough*

Overall rating for my nandos experience?  8/10.
Cheeky rating?  10/10 for us poor students!
(I earned one chilli on my new points card!)

Here was our bill (for the meal)

What better way to finish a cheeky nandos than with a cheeky selfie!?

Have you had a cheeky experience yet? Leave a comment down below!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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