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22 November 2015

 Top, Skirt and bag which you can't see are all from my August HVV mood box!


Recently, my lovely friend Nicole and I took a flight to the beautiful city of Singapore for the weekend. We flew with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul (who I will be doing a later post on).

We arrived at 8pm the previous night, but we didn't do much other than sitting in our rooms. I had something small to eat and than at about 11pm we went to bed.

At 7am on Sunday 8th November, we got up.  We were showered and dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

We were staying at the Peninsula Excelsior hotel, located a 2 minute walk away from City Hall MRT station.  (SIDE NOTE: oh my god, that hotel was beautiful.  It was so clean and we were in total awe of 'oh my god, I can't believe we're staying here.')

Breakfast was a buffet style, we were shown to our table and then left to get our food.  The music in the background really helped to set the mood and we were really relaxed.  One thing we both loved about breakfast was that chips (fries) were an option!

I had some French Toast, Chips, Beans, Cucumber, Sweetcorn, Wedges and a Strawberry muffin.  Odd mix but hey, we were on holiday!  (And they're all some of my faves!)

So far, Singapore was great.

After this we took the lift back to our room....  but we were in the wrong one and ended up in the wrong tower!  So of course we couldn't use our keycards!  Luckily, we were able to get back downstairs and switch towers.  There, we got ourselves sorted, Nicole grabbed her sign and we headed out to enjoy the wonderful city.

I took my jacket, well blazer.  It was an extremely light one that I assumed would be okay in the Singapore sun.  I'm used to wearing it on sunny days back home so I thought 'this way I'll be covered up but not too warm!'

Bad. Mistake. Temperatures were roughly 30C with very little wind in a humid climate, which is not the best mix when you're not used to the sunshine, so I ended up taking it off.

Nicole wasn't too fussed about what to do, it was entirely up to me, because that night was the Taylor Swift concert and as long as we got to go to that, all was well.  So, I decided to try and find some shops to snoop around in.

Now.  Last time I was abroad was back in March where I spent 5 hours in Amsterdam city centre before having to head back to the ferry to come back home.  And before that, I was 10 when my mum and dad were navigating us around Lanzarote.  In Singapore, I had no available data to use because it was £6 a MB and didn't think to use the internet in the hotel room to find where the nearest shops were...  So when we left, I decided 'Oh, uh, let's go to the right, where all the high rise buildings are. Surely there's some shops around there!'

So we wandered and got aimlessly lost for a good hour or so when we found an MRT station and were just like "YES!" because we were boiling and the stations were air conditioned (MRT stations happen a lot in this journey.  They were our life source because we were dumb tourists walking around a daydream)

We took the escalator down after we were taking in the beauty of the place we had wandered into (there was a little park and the commonwealth statue, and it was all just really nice) and wandered around.

Inside we found... countless 7-elevens. I was so surprised because I thought it was only a shop available in the US!  (I just checked the corporate website, and there are 477 7-elevens around Singapore.)

We got a slurpee.  It was my first slurpee.  I was very excited.

We sat down down for a while, then once I was fed up of the one advert that seemed to keep repeating, we went back down into the MRT station... and this is when we got very, very lost.

We had no idea how bitg the stations were.  I was still on the hunt for some shops because I was determined to spend the S$300 I'd brought with me.  We came out the other end and had wandered... into Marina Bay.

I was very excited.  The Marina Bay Sands Skypark is one attraction that I used in my First year HNC Graded Unit and was desperate to go and see it IRL.

So again we wandered... and wandered...  and wandered until finally we were right in front of the hotel... which had a shopping centre?!  Marina Bay Sands, you have my heart.

We went inside and had a look around several of the shops (and I cried because they had a Moschino and it's one of my life goals to own something from Moschino but I can't afford anything.)

We started to get a bit peckish so we turned a corner and

Oh, my God?!

Nicole and I had the same dish, spaghetti. For drinks she had the peach iced tea, and I had the Batman Oreo Milkshake.  Of course.

So we paid, it came to around S$70 (about £35) and we decided that although the fountains were really cool, and the wifi was great, and that the aircon was amazing...  it was about time we walked outside and took in some scenery.

And I'm so glad we did (Note: I hope you're taking a shot every time I mention that we 'wandered' or we 'walked' because there is no other way to talk about it.)


We stumbled into the Commonwealth area and I decided to look for the Fencing logo, being a Fencer that misses fencing and all that.

After this, we decided to try and find the H&M store that I'd walked past.  We were also pretty desperate for some water because we were idiots who forgot that it was pretty important to drink lots of water when you're in a humid climate.  Especially when you're from Scotland where temperatures above 10C are abnormal.

So we ended up at the MRT station again, bought some water from a 7-eleven.... And then Nicole started to panic because she had to be at the concert venue for 6.30pm to pick up her meet and greet and upgraded tickets.

After a lot of running and me almost collapsing from dehydration (I can't stress enough just how important drinking lots of water is, guys.)

Needless to say we got to the venue, she got her tickets, then because she was upgraded, I got her old ticket so I got to go to the concert as well!  After a lot of stress, we were all sorted. Nicole and I were both inside the stadium and the concert was incredible.

(It was my first time seeing Taylor Swift perform live, and she blew my mind.)


So.... I wanted to get up at around 6 to have breakfast at 7 then get checked out to enjoy the city... But we both overslept.  We got ourselves sorted, I went a bit crazy taking pictures of everything in the room...




We left breakfast, checked ourselves out, left our luggage with the wonderful concierge staff, then made our way to the MRT station to head to Orchard Road!

Orchard Road is a lot like Oxford Street in London.  I was desperate to go there, it was another place I talked about in my Graded Unit, and somewhere tieponytail on Dayre suggested I visit when I asked her!

After a couple of connections, we were there.  One thing I really wanted to do while there was to buy some street food.  But I wasn't very decisive of what I actually wanted...  So eventually, we found a Frogurt stand and we purchased some.

I had the original flavour with rainbow sprinkles and choco bits.  Thanks yoguru!

After this, we headed into Forever 21. We had both finished but we started to realise that there weren't that many bins around??  Which confused us. Because we were in the knowledge that SG is big on it's cleanliness.

So we just carried our litter around with us.  I bought a skirt and a top from Forever 21, then we went around some other shops.  Nicole got a teacup set from Cath Kidston, and then I bough a hat from H&M.  We had eventually found a bin, and scrapped our litter, then we left to get the MRT to Marina Bay Sands.

Before we go there, can we just take a minute to...



This place is gorgeous.  And I'm also beginning to realise that I wear this playsuit a lot when I travel somewhere...  Hmm.  And yes, it was also wayyy too hot to be wearing this coat as well.

So, we got to the Marina Bay Sands hotel, we found our way to the Skypark desk, we waited in line, got our picture taken and were up the lift, 56 floors above Singapore and wow.

The views were incredible.  I really wanted to be able to do this at night because night time views are one of my absolute favourite things, but since we were both at the Taylor Swift concert the night before, and had a flight to catch at 11.30pm that night, I'd settle for getting to see it mid afternoon.

Do you want to see the views?



It was so hard to choose just a couple of pictures?

After this, we left to go back to our hotel and pick up our luggage again.  Then we tried to find the McDonald's we were at the previous night.  With no luck and a lot of aimless wandering, I was beginning to lose myself, I was feeling faint after eating very little.  We somehow ended back at the Marina Bay again, and found ourselves inside a shopping centre.

We were very lost.

We were reading all the maps and I figured out the direction we should go to get to McDonalds.  Once we were a minute away... We were stopped by a sales person.

I felt so bad because I was struggling to hold myself upright, never mind holding a conversation.  She asked us if we spoke English (we did, of course, we were just very tired) and then I mentioned that I was learning Mandarin at college.  So, she started to talk to me in Mandarin..  Unfortunately I'd only had one lesson at this point so I could only recognise 'How are you?' and then I tried to say 'Thank You'.

She asked us where we were travelling to after Singapore, and we said we were just going home, and that we only came for Singapore, at which point she lit up and told us 'I have to give you a present before you break my heart!' so she gave us a free sample, and a demonstration of the product she was selling.  She asked us if our hands felt soft (they did) and once she was finished, she didn't push the product on us.  I appreciated this so much, she was very lovely, thank you sales person, I'm sorry for being unresponsive!

We found McDonalds.  I had the sweet potato fries, a hamburger and a ribena chill.

After an hour or so, we left and wandered about the shopping centre.

There was an anime shop, so I bought myself a toy llama, a 'happy' *Fairy Tail* hat, and a Gudetama gift for hannah.  (I only recognised it as 'the egg thing hannah likes')

We stumbled upon a Mr Bean Cafe...  What?!  I regret not going in.  We were again very lost  but eventually managed to find our way to the MRT station and to Changi Airport.

So... That was my weekend away to Singapore, it wasn't very action packed but I am 101% desperate to go back again and do a lot more (and remember to drink lots of water hahaha)

Have you ever been to Singapore?  Where should I check out next time I go?
Where is the furthest you've flown to, or where would you like to go?
Leave a comment down below :)

ALSO I made a full video of our trip over on my SherbetAurora Youtube Channel, so if you'd like to see more, and experience the vibe of the city-state with us, then you can watch it down below.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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