"Lush Panda Explosion": A Review And GIVEAWAY

28 November 2015


Recently I hit 700 followers over on my tumblr and celebrated it by dancing...  Before realising that that is 700 individuals who decided to follow my blog!  That's insane! So... Here we are!

In this post I'm mostly going to be talking about Metal Panda, I'll be talking briefly about my recent experience in the Buchanan Street Lush store and the bottom of this page will be my GIVE AWAY with two prizes up for grabs!

This is not a sponsored post. I have not been endorsed by Lush, Metal Panda or Bomb Cosmetics to make this post or to give away products.


Metal Panda is a small, independent store physically located in the INDY, on Level 3 Howgate Shopping Centre, Falkirk. The shop is run by Amanda, who is also the person who makes the majority of the products available for purchase (such as the muscle balm for bruises and sore muscles, right to the edible lip scrubs.) Metal Panda is also the only stockist of Directions hair dye in the central area of Scotland.

And if you are a human with a beard, there are handmade beard oils available also.

The products available are cruelty free, and 99% are vegan (Lip balm is not vegan for example) but all products in this giveaway are both cruelty free and vegan (so don't worry!)

The bath bombs are all of really great quality and honestly I think last longer than some of the ones you get at Lush, which seem to only last minutes before the magic wears thin. The prices of the products are also affordable, making them a cheaper alternative to Lush.

What I find to be a huge difference for me compared to Lush is that you are not asked every 3 seconds what you want to buy, or pushed into buying things, and as its an independent store, it is a lot smaller but there is still a lot you can see. The INDY in the Howgate Shopping centre is also very open plan, with lots of other smaller shops you can take a peek into such as a Create A Bear, and several small clothing shops as well as a comic book shop. Everyone here is very friendly and you're free to walk around as much as you like.

My recent experience at Lush, Buchanan Street

So, I left college and decide to have a pop into Lush, just to pick up a couple of items... Yesterday. Black Friday. The shop was packed. I felt so bad, I accidentally ignored the greeter handing out baskets, I could hardly see through waves of people and moving 2 inches was a huge task.

I found my way to the Christmas display, and was greeted by about 4 employees by this point, all of whom were really lovely and understanding when you told them you knew what you were looking for. I try not to be rude to any kind of retail employee, because I understand exactly how they are feeling, and I feel the most sympathy towards Lush employees who don't have any choice but to be happy and cheery, and constantly come up to you. I don't believe they want to bother you, but they have to and on this particular day when the shop was mobbed I felt so much sympathy I wanted to give them all a hug.

Eventually, one employee came over to us, I didn't catch her name but she's the one I gave my URL to - hello!

I explained to her the products I wanted to buy and why I was buying them, and she suggested another item that would be a nice little additional touch, which it really was, and I ended up buying. She was really lovely, she was not pushy at all, she was really calm and nice to talk to. Trying to walk in the store was a disaster because of how crowded it was, there were employees attempting to do demonstrations every few minutes it seemed, which wasn't the problem, it was trying to find space to let them past, I kept hitting people with my basket! I do really love Lush. I always try to remember to buy the charity pots. I think I'd get too exhausted from trying to be constantly social if I worked there, I have deepest respect.


Or maybe you just skipped straight here, WHICH IS TOTALLY FINE!
Okay, so I have two prizes up for grabs. I wanted to do three and have them slightly bigger more than what they are but I'm on a budget because I rely solely on SAAS just now, but I wanted a little mix in products you with love, or should try!

This is open to UK ONLY I'm really sorry but I can't afford to ship internationally!
You must also be okay for me to contact you if you are the winner.
Winners will be selected at random.
I've given several entry options, which you'll see shortly, and if you subscribe to my YouTube channel as the entry option you get an additional entry!


Snow Fairy 250g Shower Gel
Candy Mountain bubble bar
Metal Panda Clay Face Mask
Metal Panda Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Bomb Cosmetics Candy Box Soap slice
"Little Hotties" Home Fragrance Melts Gift Selection
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Brulee (Bath melt) lasting <6 baths

(little hotties scents include: Surfs Up, Cherry, Cinnamon, Parma Violet etc. All chosen by me.)

Bomb Cosmetics Bright Lights Big City Whoopie Bath Blaster
Bomb Cosmetics Dark Pleasures soap slice
Metal Panda Strawberry Lip Scrub

How to enter
There are several ways to enter, using the widget below:
Comment on this blog post, Follow me on Twitter/Instagram, and Subscribe to my Youtube (EXTRA ENTRY)

Feel free to have a look at the Metal Panda Facebook page before entering to have a peek at their full range of products available if you wish, the link is -> here <-

Competition begins NOW and ends 15 December 2015 at 11:59 PM GMT.
(This gives me time to get it sent to you before Christmas!)
Winners will be announced after I have contacted them and have had correspondence. No reply by the 17th December will mean a new Winner is chosen.


Lush Panda Explosion!

Top prize close up

Second Prize close up

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