BLOGMAS 1: Tradition.

01 December 2015


I've decided to do Blogmas this year, and unlike that month where I started to do a monthly blog and then give up I AM COMMITTED TO GETTING THIS DONE.

I did a quick google search for prompts and found this (being well aware that it says 2014. credit to the creator!)

Let's begin.
In absolute honesty... My family don't really have any Christmas Traditions. The biggest one I could think of is the excitement for when the Irn Bru advert comes on TV!

Christmas time, well, the run up to Christmas is just like another month for my family. However, it's my brother's birthday at the start of the month, so that probably has a big impact as to why that is. (I mean, really, it's unfair to celebrate the 25th of December when it's not even his birthday yet... Which reminds me, I should really get him something...)

I do have a habit of always trying to find my stocking though. It's Rudolph! I've had him since I was a baby, he used to sing when you squeezed his paw, but I've never remembered this actually happening. Although I don't really use my stocking any more, I always like to have him around (and sometimes cuddle).

I also really love advent calendars! I went one year without one which made me rather sad. Who doesn't love guilt free chocolate every morning?!

More of a New Years tradition, but I'll count it: I like to tidy my room. I started this when I was about 11, but I will always race against the clock to get my room tidied and spotless before the bells ring. The idea is to try and start the New Year fresh - spotless!

This sometimes works, sometimes doesn't...

But.. yeah, that's pretty much it!

What are your Christmas traditions?
Or, are you like me and don't really have any?
Leave a comment, I love reading them!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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