Blogmas 24: AAARGH!

24 December 2015


This picture appeared on my 'on this day' on Facebook this morning. It's from two years ago when I did all of my shopping on Christmas eve.

All of it. 
Why am I so bad at buying presents?! I mean this year I was slightly better in that I bought all of my presents last week before running out of spending money (gotta consider dem bills, yo)

I don't know why I get like this! Okay, sure it's a lot to do with 'well, what do I but this person?' and 'Wait... what do they even like'.

Present giving is extremely difficult.

This year, I bought my brother the most, I got him one jokey gift and a few things I think he might like but I don't know. One I know he needs, so that's okay. For my dad I got him a couple of things to share between him and my step mum, I got my step sister some similar things to dad+Lorraine, my step brother I had no idea so it's just two jokey things (I'm an awful person), I bought my friend Robin something because he bought me something and it was just the thing I saw and thought 'yes. That needs bought.' and I bought my mum something small because it's her 50th next month and I want to be able to buy her something really nice. I also got some small things for my friends Caitlin, Tanya and Natasha because I'm trying to get the presents that I owe people out the way. (That goes as far back as last December. I've had a bad financial year hahaha...)

I think what's worse is that I'm sitting here now, on Christmas Eve knowing that I've bought all these presents, knowing that Christmas is tomorrow and yet I'm still not wrapping anything!

Do you have this problem? Please help me feel better about it!

I have to go now, better try and make a start... and edit tomorrow's baking video!
Lot's to do...

If you missed it, I uploaded two youtube videos last night.
Aberdeen Christmas Market went up on my 'gailypi' channel and Edinburgh's went up on my SherbetAurora channel. Please give them a wee watch <3

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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