Blogmas 12: Roman Holiday | CHESTER

12 December 2015


If you remember, back in October, hannah and I took a trip to Wales. We then decided to take a day trip to Chester, because it was nearby to where we were staying (on the Welsh border) and also it had a Roman garden.

I love learning about the Romans, and my home town is where the Antonine Wall ran through!

I got super excited when I read that there was a garden in here! I had to go.

So hannah was driving, and I think was only roughly an hour away from where we were staying. When we arrived, we managed to find a little multi-story car park right next to it (RESULT) and it was dead in the centre of town, too.

I offered to pay for parking, because the prices were quite expensive and I didn't think it would be fair to have her pay for the parking after she had driven here when it was somewhere I really wanted to visit. (Wow, what even is your grammar, Gail?)

Sooo..  We left the car, and wandered down the stairs where we arrived at the gardens.

I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting to see here. Roman armour? No. A Fort? Kinda... What we did see was the ruins of what I think was once a Roman baths. Which was actually really interesting!

This part was honestly my favourite, I'm pretty sure (I might be totally wrong) but I am sure this was the sort of steam room? I did read the information, I swear!

I just thought it looked really interesting. Then again, I do really like to look at columns. I'm not entirely sure why...

We wandered around, and I read all the information signs, and afterwards, we walked through the door.

I made this sound so much more interesting than it was.

I was fascinated by this walk-way.

It was kind of.. Iron, I guess, and at the sides you can see the gorgeous design.
The wall was made of the stone work that you can see, and at the top there was a path.
(Where we were shouted at when taking photos...)

Through this walk-way, on the side this picture was taken on, was a small road. The houses here were adorable, and the doors were Gail height (ie, my description for anything around my height - 5'2")

Here, we took a few photos for one of hannah's blog posts > link here <

Then we went away to get some food, came back again for me to have a proper look about... and take a few of my OOTD pictures.

Are you ready?

Top, Bag, Shorts are all from New Look
Shoes are from Primark

A N Y W A Y I really loved the gardens, I think they would be a really lovely place to visit if it's during the Summer months, and you have a good half day or so to spend, rather than the half day we had in the afternoon, where it got dark quite quickly.

So.. have you ever been here? Or where do you think I should go that is quite rich in Roman history?

Leave a comment, because I'm rather curious!

Until next time, be excellent to each other

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