Blogmas 5.1: Food

05 December 2015


Today's Blogmas question was 'favourite Christmas food' and honsetly this is a really simple one for me to answer.
Every year, my mum gives me two options. Roast beef or Steak pie.

Now, I love steak pie. However, for my the perfect Christmas meal has to be roast beef, potatoes, pickled onions, carrots and peas with gravy over the roast beef and a yorkshire pudding to the side!

It's a dish so simple... Yet so delicious. Don't get me wrong, though, I definitely understand that its actually a Sunday roast (but we don't really have Sunday roasts) so it's my Christmas meal!

Do you have a Christmas meal? Let me know in the comments :)

There is going to be a post later on tonight at 7pm!
I'm also not so sure I'm that happy with the question tag that I chose to do so this will be my last day following this tag, and from tomorrow all my posts will be things that I want to talk about. I just feel like I'm not getting a lot of fulfilment out of following the tag and that means my posts aren't very interesting - for you or for me. So, let's get that one sorted right now!

I'll see you again at 7pm for Blogmas 5.2!

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