Blogmas 7: Why Do I Blog?

07 December 2015


I was scanning the internet looking for ideas on what I could do for today, when I came across this seemingly very simple question. Why Do You Blog?

In the easiest response I can give, it was because I'm friends with +hxanou (here) and I would read her older blogs and think 'wow, that's really good. I'm kind in interested in doing that as well'.

Although that is still true, (and let's be honest, hannah's blog always looks wonderful and I am probably the number 1 fan of it) I have different reasons now.

The biggest one is that quite simply, I enjoy it. I enjoy thinking up a blogging idea and writing about it. I love sharing my life with all of you wonderful people who read my blog (leave a comment or tweet me @SherbetAurora so I can see your wonderful faces ^_^) and I think in a hectic, modern day world, it can be a nice relaxing activity.

I love it. I love sitting down and thinking "what can I talk about?"  I love that feeling of typing - I honestly really love the sound of typing in a silent room, that 'clitter clatter' as my nails hit the keys, there's just something so calming about it.

I also feel like it gives me motivation to do things, to go out and to see the world (or just my local area) a bit more. I mean I've blogged about my trip to Amsterdam and Singapore, I've been to Chester with hannah, I've talked about my first long haul flight, about my 30 mile walk for charity, I've done a lot and having this gives me a platform to share it with a wider audience and to communicate with people I otherwise would never get to talk to!

And if you look at my first posts and compare them to my ones now, you can see how much my style of doing things has changed, I've evolved in how I describe things, and how I type, which has been extremely beneficial for college, because now my essays are coherent.

I think it also gives me a bit more creative freedom, and a bit of a support for my YouTube.

For those that don't know, I have two YouTube channels that you can visit by clicking on my 'social' button on the right hand side (gailypi and SherbetAurora) -------->
I'm not always able to film, edit and post a video even though I'm really trying to get back into it this year, but I am able to type a blog post. (Hey, look, I've been blogging 7 days in a row, now, and you've had 8 posts since I started this!)

So...  Why do I blog? Sum it up before this gets too long now, Gail.


So, TL;DR, I blog because I enjoy it. I think it's a fun and relaxing hobby that let's me communicate with exciting new people (looking at you #girlgang!) It also helps develop my essay writing skills and gives me a platform for talking about events in my life; travels, food, lifestyle...  That is why I blog.

So, why do you blog? Leave a comment and let's get a chat going :)

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, be excellent to each other

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