Blogmas 17: Giveaway winners!

17 December 2015


So, I hope you remember but a few weeks ago I ran a giveaway on here to celebrate me reaching 700 followers on Tumblr ( There were two prizes up for grabs: a main prize and a runners up prize, and the closing date was 15 December 2015.

That competition has (obviously) now ended and I would like to announce the winners.
Congratulations to Catriona and Yasmin! Catriona won the main prize of the Lush Knot Wrap "gift set" (let's call it that) and Yasmin won the Bomb Cosmetics and Metal Panda mini.

As soon as the clock struck midnight, I recieved an e-mail telling me that the comp had closed and it was time to find out who had won. I had a look through the 37 entries where I could see only the form of entry (ie "Follow @SherbetAurora on twitter) and so on, and the location of the entrant.  When choosing the winners, there was a button I was able to press that chose the winner for me, in order to make it completely fair.

The competition was open to everyone: my friends and bloggers alike. Catriona happens to be my friends' younger sister, and Yasmin happens to be someone I have been in a mutual following with for several years.

I have physically given Cat her prize (and recorded her reaction) and Yasmin's was posted today. Congratulations, guys!

Thank you to everybody who entered! The names should now be available to see on the widget if you want to look back at it to see all the little items in my Lush Panda Explosion post.

Again, thank you so much for taking part, I had a lot of fun running the giveaway, and I hope to do this again, with bigger and better prizes and hopefully a few more entries. You never know, you might be my next winner!

Thank you!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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